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The Bin Wash City: providing a viable solution to a dirty problem

* Morclean-green-binwash.jpg"The aim was to develop a brand new and innovative bin wash machine that would change the way operators think, to be the first to recognise the need for a totally new idea in this industry, and to be proactive in taking steps forward to improve what's currently available in the marketplace today..."

So said Peter Morley, managing director at Morclean, when asked to describe the thinking behind the new Bin Wash City.

"We wanted develop and launch a product that the environmentally minded love, and a concept that operators want to be part of... a machine that turns heads and offers more than just compliance - and a smarter product that moves into a new direction as opposed to reworking the systems currently available.

"We have designed a system we feel innovates and is brand new to the marketplace. It provides operators and the community with a smarter, green, quiet, workable and viable solution to a dirty problem.

"Morclean has endeavoured to produce a machine that lowers emissions and C02, reduces maintenance and lowers running costs, while being practically viable for both parties. We believe that the new machine will achieve more for this industry than any other machine on the market today and it will enabled us to reach into Europe and beyond.


Morclean manufactures and distributes industrial cleaning equipment. Many machines are niche or bespoke, and the company produces a variety
of machines including a range of trailer mounted bin wash machines.

Its existing range of bin wash machines, namely the Custom, are self-contained, light and portable, and the system recycles the water for a full day of washing.

The self-contained, purpose built wheeled bin cleaning machines feature an effortless bin lifting mechanism which aids efficiency at the touch of a button and the bin can be cleaned in seconds. Water is filtered and ready to re-use throughout the day.

Morclean developed the first Custom 3 years ago, and after its launch the manufacturer then introduced the 2nd generation machine which
benefitted from several improvements. Like most machines on the market today, both systems run from a petrol engine.

The Bin Wash City: a brand new concept for 2014/15

During the last three years, Morclean - working with battery powered, high pressure water technology - has developed a brand new range of bin wash machines, which it has called the Bin Wash City.

"The new City was developed so that we could provide a totally new concept, which we feel is an extremely innovative and unique product that will reduce fuel, costs and C02 emission," explained Peter. "The new City runs entirely from batteries and without a petrol engine.

"We consider that this is an even better solution for the whole industry than what was previously available in the marketplace - both from ourselves and our competitors."


"Like many bin wash machines on the market today, we considered recycling water and saving energy was a requirement rather than an innovation," continued Peter. "We felt that machines were making savings for reasons of necessity, legislation and profit as opposed to being totally innovative.

So, we tried to excel and improve the machines totally powered from batteries instead of an engine."

Research & Development

The new City project has involved over three years of research and development, a totally new, fresh approach. This involves R&D, design and concept, tests and trials and prototypes

What Morclean has achieved, is a machine that is virtually silent, with little noise or fumes and what's more, it's carbon free. The manufacturer can now provide a quieter, more efficient system.

"Operators can market their service as truly green, which we feel is a first in the market place," said Peter.

"Setting this aside, everyone in the community benefits from less noise and pollution on their own doorstep."

The City offers a fuel saving - and little maintenance compared to a petrol engine, as well as very low charging costs. The machine switches to standby when not in use. It is easy to work with, quiet, simple to use, and it also takes a top-up charge from the vehicle during normal use.

"The new battery technology has enabled us to develop an innovative and totally new concept like no other bin wash machine on the market today," said Peter.


In order to manufacture the machine practically and efficiently, Morclean has been able to have the battery technology produced in a 'pack' format. The existing model, currently fitted with a petrol engine, can be easily modified during normal production so that lead times are not extended.

The R & D process has involved several members of the team - including Morclean's engineers, marketing and service support staff. The company has also extended its manufacturing area.

The manufacturer has exhibited at several International shows including the Cleaning Show at the NEC in Birmingham and ISSA/Interclean 2014 in Amsterdam, where visitor feedback on existing equipment and 'wish lists' were considered and discussed. Morclean will also exhibit at Cleaning Expo Scotland this coming September as well as the Cleaning Show, ISSA/Interclean CEE (Poland) in 2015 and ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam 2016.

"We anticipate that the new City will allow us to further expand and sell into European markets where there is a significant push towards clean and quite machines," said Peter.

"Our next stage of development is to use the battery technology and produce other models, including a larger machine for North American bins.

"In order to establish the routes to market, we are delighted to announce that we opened a hub and service centre for Morclean in Rotterdam earlier this week, on 1st July."

T: 01246 471147
E: [email protected]
W: www.morclean.com

3rd July 2014

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