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We’re one week into the World Cup and whether you’re a football fan or not, the tournament is likely to affect you – either because you want to watch the matches and can’t as you’re working - or because your colleagues or employees take time off to watch, which means that either your workload will increase or you’ll have to find someone to cover the absence.

According to a survey, huge numbers of Brits are threatening to ‘throw a sickie’ rather than miss a game – and of course there will also be those who will arrive at work hung-over from imbibing too much while watching the previous night’s game, so employee relationships could become a little fraught unless care is taken to try and keep everyone happy.

While many organisations will have agreements in place regarding time off, sickness absence or even watching matches on TV or online in the workplace, a more flexible approach will go down well with the workforce if it’s at all possible to have one.

One option would be for workers wishing to follow the football, to come in a little later or finish earlier, or perhaps swap shifts with those that haven’t got the World Cup bug. Perhaps breaks could be extended and taken during match times or staff could listen to the match on the radio or watch it online or on TV, while continuing to work.

Handled correctly, the tournament could create a real feel-good factor in the workplace… A clever employer will use it to encourage staff loyalty and even see an improvement in productivity, whereas someone sticking rigidly to the rules just for the sake of it, may find that their actions will provide the tipping point to encourage good employees to find a boss that’s a little more human. An employee that may be in line for promotion, who throws a sickie or arrives at work bleary eyed, smelling of beer and wearing a crumpled shirt, may find that his or her progress up the career ladder comes to a sudden halt (or worse) so do look at the possible long term consequences of how you handle yourself during this and any other sporting tournament and make sure that the only ‘own goals’ scored are on the pitch!

Also in this week’s news are some more responses to my comments about the plastic shopping bag tax. I love learning of other people’s opinions, which can often kick my original thoughts into touch, so do keep them coming…

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Jan Hobbs

19th June 2014

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