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One machine does it all

* Host-grouting.jpgAlthough it's well known for its carpet cleaning capabilities, the Host system can also be used to clean grouted and textured floors in a quick and easy process that does not require harsh/toxic chemicals (and thus emits no fumes), which dries quickly and is Green Seal Certified.

The Host extractorVac technology combines 130cfm of suction power between two counter-rotating, five inch diameter brushes specially made for hard floors.

The powerful vacuum removes the dry dirt and debris, preparing the floor for cleaning with Host Dry Cleaner. Host Dry Cleaner's sponge-like particles are moistened with a small amount of water and green chemistry. As the Host cleaner is brushed over the floor with the extractorVac, the absorbent sponge-like particles dissolve, trap and absorb the dirt, leaving the surface clean and dry.

"After pre-vacuuming with the extractorVacto to remove the dry dirt, you apply about one handful of Host Dry Cleaner per square yard," advises Host UK's Mike Egerton. "Then you brush with the extractorVac, north and south and then east and west. The more brushing you do, the better the results will be.

"Finally, you vacuum up the dirty Dry Cleaner with the extractorVac. The floor will be clean and dry...immediately ready to use. The Host spotZapper brush is great for any hard to reach areas."

The system can also be used to clean glazed tile, stone, laminate and more, handling such surfaces as ceramic or quarry tile, limestone, granite, Epoxy painted concrete, rubber and luxury vinyl tile, brick and slate with ease.

"Put the system to the test in your facility," challenges Mike. "Ask for a free, no obligation test on your worst flooring nightmare and see how it performs!"

T: 0151 347 1900
E: [email protected]
W: www.hostvonschrader.co.uk

12th June 2014

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