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When nature calls, Fresh Dab Toilet Paper Gel answers

* freshanddab.jpgSometimes toilet tissue just isn't enough, but the biggest problem with bathroom wipes, (also known as personal, baby, body or wet wipes) is that they are designed not to degrade when exposed to water as they are pre-moistened.

Even wipes marketed as 'flushable' can take too long to break down and damage sewage systems. There have been more stories in the news recently about wipes clogging everything from home plumbing to sewer pipes in the streets to waste water treatment facilities, so a solution to the problem is clearly needed.

Fresh Dab eliminates this issue by removing the wipe altogether. As a water soluble gel, it can be safely used in septic systems everywhere. Simply squeeze a dab on to some toilet paper, wipe and flush. Once flushed, the gel breaks down quickly, eliminating any concern that it will clog pipes or harm septic systems.

Not only does it break down quickly, many of the ingredients in Fresh Dab are natural extracts, making it environmentally friendly. Ingredients include aloe and witch hazel as well as black willow, oat straw and rooibos extracts which help clean, soothe and calm irritated and inflamed skin and reduce itchiness. The gel also has anti-microbial properties.

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29th May 2014

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