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And how many trees do you kill with your consumption of paper disposables?

* Lucart.jpgOver the years we’ve spent a lot of time chatting to Lucart’s Omar Balducci about the company’s commitment to sustainability and the way it cleverly recycles Tetrapaks - using the aluminium and polyethylene components to produced items such as pens, pencils, desk tidys and street furniture, and the cellulose fibres to manufacture toilet tissue, other tissue products, and packaging.

We thought we wouldn’t learn anything more by visiting the stand again on this occasion but stopped by to say ‘Hello’ anyway as we like Omar and his English is perfect. We’re glad we did, as we saw one of the best sales tools we could have imagined… an app which allows you to calculate how many trees are killed to supply your paper disposables needs for a year.

* Environmental-Saving-Certificate.jpgI was surprised John was able to hold the camera straight as Omar told him the damage he and his family were doing to our forests, by not purchasing recycled products! It was only after we'd left the stand and were discussing what we'd learned there, that the impact a company, a country or the entire civilised world will have on our forests, dawned on us... Scary stuff!

So we entered in a hypothtical typical order for tissue papers and Lucart's software calculates the environmental savings made, producing a certificate (pictured above) that it then emails to the person making the order! We saved 17 trees!


22nd May 2014

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