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We’re not opening the door to let you out until we know you’ve washed your hands!

* Ophardt.jpgNo doubt – unless you’re one of the culprits of course – you, too have been disgusted at the numbers of people who apparently don’t bother to wash their hands after they visit the bathroom. We all know we should ‘clean up’ but many don’t, no doubt going out and spreading undesirables by shaking hands with others or touching door handles, banisters, handrails etc. But what’s there to do about it?

Most of us in the industry have come across the phrase ‘captive audience’, when people are talking about advertising on the back of cubicle doors, behind urinals and above wash stations but Ophardt has cleverly taken this more literally, designing a wash station that prevents the washroom door from opening until it has had hands placed under a faucet and has dispensed liquid soap and water. How clever!

* Ophardt2.jpgThe company has also produced a computerised handwash monitoring system, and our picture shows one of the team explaining how it works.

T: +49 (0) 2835-18-10
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W: www.ophardt.com

15th May 2014

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