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A great three-way partnership!

* KGS.jpgWe encountered abrasives specialist KGS’s Sophie Artar ably demonstrating the attributes of Flexis floor cleaning technology, using the ever popular TomCat Edge – clearly a great three-way partnership!

Sophie told us that KGS, which has some 10,000 customers in more than 70 countries, has seen KGS Flexis pads with Ferrzon sell really well since their launch just over 18 months ago.

“The pads’ brilliant performance is attributable to addition of Ferrzon, thought to be the only substance that can scratch a diamond - and because of its structural properties, Ferrzon technology is superior to diamond when used on steel and other very hard materials, as well as being more versatile and efficient than diamond for floor maintenance, grinding and polishing,” she explained.

To support the Ferrzon technology, the Flexis pads have been manufactured in a more open weave and stiffer format than some alternative products, which improves self cleaning and offers longer pad life and durability. The pads offer exceptional performance and can be used wet or dry... If used wet they only require water, doing away with the need for chemicals.

 Four grits are available:

*         Coarse - for surface renovation

*         Medium - for deep cleaning

*         Fine - for polishing & cleaning

*         Very Fine - for ultimate polishing

Sophie says there were substantial gloss level improvements on white marble when KGS Flexis with Ferrzon were used on it, when compared with the competitors' products that were of the traditional diamond type. KGS Flexis pads with Ferrzon achieved similar results on both terrazzo and red marbles.


15th May 2014

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