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VAH certified product range now even bigger

* Toucan.jpgDisinfection and cleaning fluid produced by the award-winning Toucan Eco, which gained Certification from the VAH Laboratories in Germany last year, can now be produced using a growing number of systems.

For those unfamiliar with VAH accreditation, it’s recognised throughout the EU and accredited companies feature on a list that serves as a basis for the selection of appropriate disinfectants in hospital, medical and dental surgeries as well as public institutions and other areas in which infections may be transmitted.

The Toucan Eco devices use the process of electrochemical activation of tap water and table salt to form a highly effective disinfectant/cleaner. Also certified to BS1276 and BS 13727, the fluids are produced cheaply and simply on the spot, where and when they are needed.  They are safe and easy to use and are incredibly environmentally-friendly.

The company’s Oliver Weisflog (pictured) told us that the systems are now widely used by international contract cleaning groups, airlines, airports and sectors of Her Majesty’s prison service.

Centrego, which markets the award-winning products via its e-shop www.centregoltd.com now has a range of four devices which are used to generate fluids for both general cleaning and more specialised disinfection in both the clinical and the food hygiene environments.

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www.toucan-eco.com / www.centregoltd.com

8th May 2014

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