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* 147.jpgGenEon Technologies – a company based in San Antonio in the US, is launching  Immers-A-Clean; a portable, hand-held, electrochemical activation electrolyzing technology for making cleaning, degreasing, sanitising, disinfecting and ionization solutions on demand. The system can make 20 - 200 litres of safe-to-use, sustainable cleaning solution in five minutes – in virtually any container - wherever and whenever cleaning is needed.

You simply submerge the Immerse-A-Clean into a bucket, jug, scrubber or carpet extractor, fill with tap water, add the catalyst, press a button and in minutes a highly effective cleaner or degreaser is created. Alternatively, you can insert the Immerse-A-Clean into water without the catalyst and create an ionic, chemical-free cleaning system.

For sanitising, the Immerse-A-C Trio + on-site generator enables you to clean, degrease and sanitise virtually any surface – however delicate – in three easy steps.

Trio+ comes as a kit with everything you need to start producing three types of cleaning and disinfection fluid.It is ready to use with tap water and you can utilise it when you need.

John Shanahan, Co-Founder & Vice President of Sales, tells us that as well as these products, he and fellow Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales Operations, Syd Williams, will be on hand to discuss the Trio RX – an affordable, ultra-high FAC (Free Available Chlorine) cleaning/sanitising/disinfection system in a compact size, together with the Mist - an easy-to-use, compact system, which is ideal for sanitising & disinfecting washrooms and other areas along with those hard to reach places. 

“The Mist has exceptional performance with surface sanitation and eliminates mould, mildew and odour,” says John. “”It’s actually two devices in one; an ultra-fine particle fogger and a blower.”

T: 866.217.0205  

E: [email protected]

W: www.geneontechnologies.com

6th May 2014

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