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Superbugs no longer ride in rescue vehicles!

* Chief-Brian-Lamb-onboard-with-Turbo-UV.jpgIn an unprecedented effort to curb the spread of superbugs such as MRSA, C. difficile and TB in ambulances and other transport vehicles, an advanced and portable UV germicidal lamp manufactured by MRSA-UV is now being used by rescue personnel for the first time.

In order to prevent EMS paramedics and transport patients from coming in contact with these deadly pathogens, West Palm Beach Fire Rescue is the first in the US to begin sanitising the interior surfaces of its ambulance fleet with this innovative and portable UV light.

President of MRSA-UV, Chris Chilvers, points out that: "Unfortunately, manual cleaning of all high touch surfaces is time consuming, and recent studies indicate that it misses over 50% of all surface-surviving pathogens."

Not only do these surfaces become a home for contagious microbes, but transport victims can unknowingly be carriers of many types of superbugs. MRSA-UV sales director Merritt Walker, warns: "There simply isn't enough time on every call to perform nasal swabs to verify that patients are not harbouring dangerous pathogens."

MRSA-UV's portable Turbo-UV Ambulance Sanitizer thoroughly sanitises the patient compartment of ambulances in less than 15 minutes, and that space can be safely reoccupied the moment the light powers off. Patients and paramedics are now assured that they have an added layer of protection with the most sterile ambulances possible.

UV germicidal lamps are well known to be both rapid and effective at destroying surface-to-air bacteria, viruses and mould, but MRSA-UV believes that until now, this portable technology did not exist for ambulances. Turbo-UV offers a clean, green and affordable hands-free method for disinfecting all transportation vehicles.

EMS Chief Brian Lamb of West Palm Beach Fire Rescue is now using the Turbo-UV not only to sanitise his ambulances, but also his barracks, fire equipment and turnout gear. Chief Lamb has conducted his own studies, and after performing numerous before-and-after swab tests he confirms the effectiveness of UV germicidal light:

"We must protect ourselves first if we want to serve our community at the highest level possible," he says. "We owe it to each other to look at the science, and anything that shows me it will increase the safety of my staff and their families as well as our transport patients is something we must adopt."

Image: Chief Brian Lamb onboard EMS Ambulance with Turbo-UV Sanitizer

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W: www.mrsa-uv.com

6th February 2014

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