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An item in this week’s issue will spell good news for carpet cleaners everywhere if we can use the information well… While we in the industry have known for years that a carpet can hold three times its own weight in dirt, others put the word about that carpeting is dirty and should be pulled up and replaced with hard flooring. Of course a carpet that’s not maintained properly will be dirty. But just imagine where all that dust and grime would be if it weren’t held within the carpet fibres!

I always reckoned that the anti-carpet movement was fuelled by a clever marketing campaign started on behalf of (or by) hard flooring manufacturers and was disappointed that so much carpeting was replaced by people believing what was being said, without much thought about the logic behind it. I wonder how long it took them to realise how much more dusty everything became and so quickly too. Hard floors need cleaning regularly and while a dusty carpet can disguise the fact that it’s holding a lot of dirt, a hard floor can’t do that. 

Now the results of recent studies have proven that “properly maintained carpets can trap foreign allergens that could have potential negative health impacts and improved overall air quality,” and that “carpeting has the ability to hold and trap (sequester) contaminants - a feature not possible with hard-surface floors.” One study even found that hard floors lead to cross-contamination and the potential spread of disease and infections.

When people and businesses start to reinstall carpeting again – as no doubt they will -  I’m hoping that we as an industry can persuade carpet manufacturers and sellers to also sell the benefits of employing a qualified carpet cleaner to make sure the carpets stay looking their best and help create a clean and healthy environment for us all. It’s a perfect opportunity to ‘grow’ our industry. Let’s not miss it!

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Jan Hobbs

30th January 2014

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