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New Power Foam cleaning system boosts meat room food safety and cuts costs

* Ecolab-foamer.jpgEcolab Whiteout Power Foam, a new cleaning and sanitising system developed for food retail meat rooms, delivers high performance while reducing labour-, water- and energy use. In tests, Whiteout Power Foam, with Ecolab's proprietary low-temperature chemistry, is claimed to have removed 45% more soil at 37.8 degrees Celsius (100 F) than a traditional foam system at 54.5 C (130 F).

"Two-thirds of the costs associated with cleaning a food retail meat room are tied to labour, water and energy," says Carl Anderson, vice president of Global Corporate Accounts, Ecolab Food Retail Services. "Our new Whiteout Power Foam system will help retailers drive significant food safety and operational improvements while reducing labour, water and energy costs.

"In addition to creating safer cleaning environments with less steam and reduced risk of scalding, in-store time studies demonstrated labour savings of 22% on average, and water and energy savings of 69%."

Ecolab says it pioneered the power foam platform for the food retail market in 2007 and that since then, insight gained from the use of thousands of units in retail meat rooms has contributed to a simplified design that requires 70% fewer parts and uses stainless steel for all components that come in contact with chemistry. Safety features include a stainless back plate, a 15 amp fuse on the incoming power line, and a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter-protected power cord.

One notable addition to the system is Whiteout Power Foaming Degreaser, which clings longer to vertical, angled or inverted surfaces. Whiteout Power Foam Degreaser leverages a patent-pending blend of speciality surfactants and a higher chlorine formulation for removal of tough-to-clean protein- and fat-based soils, at lower temperatures.

"The wide-fan application of our degreaser allows users to cover more area, more quickly and reduces repeat cleaning because users can easily see what they have already cleaned," says Carl Anderson. "Users can clean faster and at lower temperatures."


16th January 2014

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