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I can remember some years back using one of these leaders to slate the poor cleaning as well as what appeared to be sheer ignorance of the dangers of cross-contamination by one of the consultants, at one of my local hospitals. I was soon set straight (well – about the cleaning, anyway) by the Cleaning & Support Services Association’s Andrew Large, who politely challenged that with the contractor’s cleaning budget cut by 10% for every one of the previous eight years, what did I expect? Those involved were doing the best that they could, on a totally inadequate budget. I’ve looked at things differently since then

News this week (see more below) that threatened cuts to cleaning services at Southampton General Hospital are not now going to go ahead really did cheer me… someone has seen some sense at last. I don’t know all the details of the dispute but what I do know is that while the threatened 48hrs of daily cleaning that was due to be cut may not sound a lot to a layperson, it would have made a phenomenal – and damaging - difference to what is already a stretched service. I do hope other NHS Trusts take note and decide to cut some of the real waste rather than the cleaning 

In further news we learn that graffiti has been sprayed over the full sized replica of the Independence space shuttle at the Space Centre in Houston, Texas. Police are confident that CCTV footage will enable them to catch the culprits but what a shame they weren’t able to do so in time to make these vandals remove the graffiti themselves! I can’t help feeling that when it comes to graffiti, if the punishment is made to fit the crime, we may just end up with far fewer of these idiots blighting our neighbourhoods…

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Jan Hobbs

28th November 2013

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