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Anti-Vandal dispenser keeps air fresh

* Shield-grey.jpgBuilding managers and building service contractors know it can be incredibly difficult to keep washrooms looking clean and adequately stocked, especially in high-traffic public buildings.

Washrooms in public facilities such as schools, municipal buildings, stadiums and retail shopping centres, are more likely to suffer from vandals who cover walls with graffiti, use paper to overflow toilets and sinks, steal batteries from automated dispensing units or walk away with toilet paper rolls in backpacks or soap bottles in purses.

No cleaning team has time to monitor washrooms 24/7, but using the right products can make a big difference in deterring vandalism and theft.

In the long run, it is less costly to select better quality durable fixtures and accessories than to make frequent repairs and replacements. Products that are made of durable materials, such as stainless steel, that provide resistance to scuffs and scratches while being easy to clean, are recommended in areas at risk of potential vandalism.

Dubai-based Fragrance Delivery Technologies has introduced a new anti-vandal air freshening and odour control dispenser using patented Oxy-Gen Powered technology.

Shield delivers continuous fragrance at consistent intensity levels for 60+ days, without performance issues. FDT Managing Director, Hydros Jassem tells us: "We know that a bad restroom environment is perceived as an indication of bad management and can lower restroom users' opinion of the organisation running the facilities. Whenever surveys into restroom satisfaction are carried out, the top complaint is consistently cited as a bad smell, followed by dirty and unkept fittings and fixtures.

"So keeping restrooms as clean and fresh as possible is very important in keeping customers' good opinion and the new Shield dispenser helps to maintain restroom freshness by providing a noticeable and continuous fresh scent for at least 60 days as well as preventing damage to the air freshening units by vandals.

"After all, why should a few vandals stop you providing clean, safe and comfortable restroom facilities for your students, employees, customers, visitors and guests?"

It's typical for anti-vandal fittings to be made of heavy duty metal brackets or covers that fit over an existing dispenser. This can spoil the aesthetic look of the dispenser as well as make servicing more difficult. Shield has been designed with style and protection in mind. Its smooth contoured design makes it difficult for vandals to grip and tamper with the dispenser, particularly when positioned at height, but it still looks attractive on the wall. It is made of robust stainless steel for added strength and comes in a variety of colours so style isn't compromised.

The system works silently and because there are no moving parts or intermittent spray it is less obvious that it batteries, often a target for vandals, are used. In fact, the system operates with 2 AA batteries and a patented power cell that produces pure oxygen to deliver pure fragrance oil continuously. The system comes with a 5-year guarantee.

The system and refill offer environmental benefits too. Unlike aerosol cans, Oxy-Gen Powered refills are emission and propellant-free. The refill itself is fully recyclable and can be disposed of in a recycling bin after use.

With 17 high-intensity fragrances available, there is plenty of choice for every location and setting. Refills contain only pure, concentrated fragrance oil with Neutralox, a proprietary odour neutraliser and are fully compliant with CARB (Calilfornia Air Resources Board), EU and Reach (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances) regulations.

The Shield Anti-Vandal Air Freshener is on show at the Fragrance Delivery Technologies booth #623 at the ISSA North America trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Centre from 18th to 21st November 2013. It has also been nominated for the Innovation Award, Dispenser category.


10th October 2013

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