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High density floor pads made almost entirely from waste melamine

Dr-Rauwauld_397.jpgOn the One-Step stand, John and I were treated to an in-depth explanation by Dr Wolfgang Rauwald of Charlott Produkte, on the benefits of using melamine in floor pads for walk-behind scrubber driers.

Shown here, the high density Combo-Pads are made almost entirely from waste – they comprise almost 100% recycled material. They’re virtually unbreakable, not very absorbent and require no rinsing.

Under normal use a pad will last for about six – eight weeks.


"The spray extractor offered by us as the sole distributor is aimed at professional carpet and upholstery cleaning providers," says the company. "The American manufacturer CFR's spray extractor is the most powerful and universally applicable mobile device in its class and its worldwide patented spray technology allows unprecedented cleaning results without the carpet being soaked excessively. 

Particularly impressive are the differences between premium and standard equipment on hard-to-clean needle felt and yarn ball. This has been certified by the independent FIGR Institute in Metzingen in a report. In our appliances, the carpet wil l- under normal conditions - be completely dry after two - four hours!

But there are other significant differences between this and conventional devices: Spraying capacity is up to 32 bar whereas competitive products generally offer 14 bar, washing solution is up to 5 litres/min as opposedto the normal one - two litres, the standard suction hose length is 10.5m (although 25m possible) and area performance is between 100 - 500 sq.m/hour." The product family consists of three standard units and in addition to carpet cleaning the appliance can be equipped with a special adapter that can be used for wall and ceiling cleaning as well as facade cleaning.

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3rd October 2013

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