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Making the most of every component and every cm of space…

* Columbus.jpgValerie Comandre talked us through the attributes of the very nifty ARA 66/BM scrubber drier, being launched at the show as ‘the discovery for working while seated’.

John and I both commended the company for making the most of every component and every centimetre of space in the design; for example the body of the machine itself – a double shell to create a cavity for cleaning chemical, rather than requiring a separate receptacle for the fluid, while the residue trap makes for more sustainable operation.

A special feature is the machine’s long seat which enables each user – whatever their size and shape - to find the right position to work in a relaxed and effortless manner. Smaller people can sit further forward and taller people further back with lots of room for the legs in the spacious footwell that has been kept free of any levers or other protruberances. The cockpit is open at both sides and facilitates easy mounting from both left and right, as well as quick, flexible operation.

While we were on the stand, a female visitor tried out all of the machines and it was clear to see that they were easy to operate and manoeuvre in a small space and around both fixed obstacles and moving pedestrians!

Additional plus points of this new machine are already proven features in the Columbus family. On the one hand there is the adaptive brush system that sits flat on the floor even on bumpy surfaces and which cleans every centimetre with full brush pressure. On the other hand is the patented mounting system which allows brushes and pad holders to spin on and spin off at the press of a button, quickly and hygienically, without the need to touch them by hand. And last but not least is the arc-shaped squeegee tool with patented mounting system. It adapts actively to the movements of the machine and collects dirt without leaving any residue - even around tight corners.

Developed for efficient work on smaller and medium-sized surfaces anywhere that traditional walk-behind scrubber driers have been used up to now (such as clinics, grocery stores or spaces with objects and obstacles on the surface to be cleaned) the 66, as the name suggests, has a working width of 660mm, B represents the battery version with traction motor and 70 stands for a solution tank capacity of 70 litres.

With a total length of 138cm. the machine fits into all modern lifts – and with a width of just 85cm, it can pass through doors without a problem. Even tight checkout areas can be thoroughly cleaned.

A small turning radius of just 165 cm is the icing on the cake. There is good all-round visibility and a simple control panel with just a few self-explanatory elements – two switches to turn the machine on and off and for forward and backward movement, a control dial for appropriate speeds of up to 6Km/hr and side levers for lowering the brushes and squeegee tool.

Typical of Columbus, there are robust and electric solutions instead of electronics. Additional practical features include the integrated system connector for quick, clean refilling with fresh water and the large opening at the bottom of the solution tank for hygienic cleaning and disinfection according to HACCP standards. The recovery tank can also be cleaned thoroughly, while the cover gasket can be easily replaced without the need for any tools.

The chemical dosage system with an eight litre chemical tank reduces the consumption of chemicals, ensuring consistently high cleaning quality. For long working times of up to four hours. The machine can be equipped with 180 Ah 5 (gel) or 200 Ah (wet) batteries.

A security kit is available for higher safety in public areas; it includes an adjustable 360 degree flashing light.


3rd October 2013

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