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Greyland caters for all

* Machine-Dishwash-label.jpgA bright sparkling kitchen, food preparation or service area truly speaks volumes about the establishment, the staff, and the level of hygiene that can be expected by customers. Not only is this desirable, it is readily achievable with the right cleaning products.

The extensive range of catering cleaning chemicals available in bulk packs from Greyland has not only made sourcing but utilising these products that much easier.

There are no confusing factory code numbers or snappy brand names with odd spelling by which they are known, so avoiding confusion over which product does what. Just plain English 'does what is says on the tin' product descriptions that leave none (particularly foreign workers) in any doubt as to what the contents will do.

Take for example their Food Safe Bactericidal Cleaner. This product in 5L canisters not only leaves the user in no doubt that it may be used as an effective cleaner on most hard surfaces in catering areas but that it also contains a bactericide, thus maintaining an extremely high level of hygiene.

A best-selling version of this product is Food Safe Sanitiser, a BS/EN 1276 approved product, a superior cleaner that is even suitable for use in hospitals.

Dishwashing by hand is taken care of by... Washing-Up Liquid, and also by
Lemon Washing-Up Liquid, a popular citrus fragranced version also available in 1L and 5L, while for machine dishwashing there is Machine Dishwash (5L & 20L) and for hard water areas there is Concentrated Machine Dishwash. Neutral Detergent and Concentrated Neutral Detergent are also available.

To assist the final drying process of machine dishwashing Rinse Aid for hard water areas and Auto Rinse Aid will help leave dishes and cutlery completely dry and stain free.

Where an establishment such as a pub, club or hotel, washes greater quantities of drinking glasses, Machine Glasswash and Concentrated Machine Glasswash (for hard water areas) fit the bill, while hand glass washing is made easier and more hygienic with the sanitising action of Hand Glass Wash in sizes (1L & 5L) to suit all establishments.

And afterwards, to remove lime and hard water scale from dishwashers and glass washers, Descaling Liquid will help keep equipment functioning at optimum efficiency for longer.

Bar areas will want to use Beer Line Sanitiser for beer lines and pumps, or the very popular Purple Beer Line Sanitiser that changes colour when it's done for ease of use and peace of mind that the lines are clear.

Cleaning dirty ovens of grease and charred food is made easier by Oven Cleaner (5L) and the ready to use (RTU) version in 750ml trigger sprays.

Kitchen Degreaser RTU is a fast-acting spray-on product in 750 ml trigger sprays that readily facilitates general cleaning, as does the foaming Spray & Wipe Sanitiser BS/EN 1276 approved, that is even effective against MRSA. This product is available in bulk 5L canisters.

Where tea and coffee pots have been left to stand in guest rooms or in lounge areas the resulting stubborn tannin stains may be gently and effectively removed and the pots sterilised with Steri-tann, the nearest sounding to a brand name product that Greyland has!

Following the company's continuing success and significant growth in recent years, coupled with the recent move to a modern factory with improved road transport links, Greyland is now firmly one of the best known and strongest established cleaning chemicals manufacturers in the country.

While the caterer/ bar owner may be assured of the effectiveness of Greyland products, the extremely good value and extensive range available means that the distributor can readily meet the needs of any establishment, large or small.

In addition, the fast order to delivery times eases the stock requirements of both distributor and caterer alike, ensuring that Greyland truly does cater for all.

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Greyland Tel: +44 (0) 161 343 3830 Fax: +44 (0) 161 343 0608
Email: [email protected] Web: www.greyland.co.uk

29th August 2013

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