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Top 10 fellow worker's habits that annoy the most - as revealed by 5000 employees

It's never a joy going back to work after a break and with the Summer holidays coming to an end (well, in my neck of the woods, anyway) the 'back to work blues' is something many are dealing with right now.

The good news is that we can all make things easier for our colleagues by taking note of the results of a survey carried out for Peninsula Business Services, the employment law consultancy, whose Group Director Alan Price, warns:

"Workers should leave their bad habits at home. Taking your shoes off at work is unacceptable, this is the office - not your living room. There are a number of habits that anger managers and employees alike; whilst it may seem comical it really is not.

"Before you take hot food to your desk think about how the smell may affect other workers. It can linger, make the air smell stale and may even transfer to coats and garments. It can also be messy, so use break out areas or eat out of the office. Such annoying habits are not to everyone's taste so make sure that you take this into consideration.

"Employees have just as big a part to play as their employer in ensuring such habits are minimised. Annoying office habits are becoming a serious workplace issue and with open plan offices on the increase it seems more of us have to contend with the bad habits of fellow workers and the evidence shows that it seems to be making us unhappy."

The top 10 workplace annoyances (in order of annoyance) are:

1) The smell of hot food causes offence; i.e. curries & fish dishes
2) Taking your shoes off at your desk
3) Personal hygiene - not washing hands in the toilets, clipping toe nails or picking noses at desks
4) Leaving the kitchen facilities in a messy state
5) When colleagues take your possessions without asking; i.e. mugs and stationary goods
6) When workers bring crying babies into the office
7) The quick-fire spread of idle office gossip
8) Sending unnecessary emails to colleagues
9) Co-workers skiving and not putting the required effort in
10) Use of unnecessary vulgar language

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29th August 2013

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