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Community Clean releases the ultimate environmentally friendly street cleaner

* Cyclone-4500-diagram.jpgHaving spent more than a decade working with businesses such as local authorities, stadium owners, theme parks, shopping centres, car park operators and construction companies, street cleaning specialists at Community Clean have introduced the latest innovation in cleaning technology to the industry in the UK.

The Cyclone offers an extremely deep clean as the system delivers constant pressurised hot water; washing surfaces evenly and affectively. As it recovers and reuses the water it sprays onto the surfaces, it offers a considerably more environmentally friendly solution than many other street cleaning methods. Community Clean says that local councils up and down the country have been drawn to the cleaner's incredible efficiency.

"The Cyclone is the first of its kind to reach British shores," it claims. "Its ability to significantly improve productivity levels, in comparison to previous cleaners, has made it an instant market success."

In one example, Cyclone successfully completed the arduous task of cleaning the whole of Leicester Square. Its powerful cleaning capabilities meant the cleaning process was accomplished considerably more quickly than it had been in the past, whilst the innovative water recycling system meant it could cover a far greater area.

The recycled water system provides great benefits to the environment, as well as improved cleaning cycles. The new system draws the used water back into the Cyclone where it is then filtered and reused, leaving the surface behind almost completely dry. The system significantly reduces resulting debris and the compact nature of the system means it can access narrow streets that traditional cleaning solutions may not have been able to reach in the past.
There are many aspects that have led to the Cyclone being hailed a revolutionary piece of equipment in the commercial cleaning industry. These include:

* Amazingly high standard of cleaning due to constant pressurised hot water
* Practically no wastage due to the water recovery
* Far greater area covered in one go due to reusable water
* The ability to keep surfaces almost completely dry when water is recollected

"Keeping public areas clean is essential and Community Clean takes pride in restoring a multitude of surfaces," says the company.
"All work is completed and monitored in accordance with the governing body's quality procedures and environmental policies."

T: 0845 685 0133
E: [email protected]
W: www.communityclean.co.uk

8th August 2013

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