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Pulire 2.0: Italian cleaning show releases technical data

Verona1.jpgTechnical data regarding Pulire 2.0, the professional cleaning exhibition which took place in the beautiful city of Verona, Italy, towards the end of May, has now been released by the organisers.

The second largest cleaning exhibition in Europe, this latest event - the 21st in the series - didn't disappoint with a total of 272 exhibitors taking up a busy 13,527sq.m of net exhibition space. "73% of exhibitors come from Italy, confirming the importance that this event has at national level, but the number of International exhibitors continues to grow, accounting for 27%, with an increase of three percentage points over the previous edition."

It was added that 25 countries attended the event; coming mostly from Germany, the Netherlands, France and Turkey, which "shows that Italy is becoming the country of reference for connection to the Middle East."

There were also exhibitors from China, Russia and the US. International delegations represented Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and India. "With 33% of the companies participating at the event for the first time, we are confident that people are seeing the potential of exhibiting at Pulire," they say.

This year, for the first time in its history, Pulire hosted a section dedicated to the cleaning of the world's cities and streets. Called Pulire Outdoor, this specific area occupied 208sq.m of the gazebo in the outdoor area. There was also a demonstration area of 4,000sq.m, which was used throughout the three days of the event, to carry out practical demonstrations.

D'Andrea_Toni_Afidamp.jpg"These figures allow us to express some satisfaction, taking into account the physiological decline of the exhibition industry worldwide," says Toni D'Andrea (pictured, left), CEO of Afidamp Servizi. "The exhibitors have renewed confidence in Pulire, which this year was marketed as version 2.0, as it had a dedicated application for smartphones and tablets."

Some 80% of Italian companies hailed from the north of the country, such as the Lombardy region (71 exhibitors), Veneto (36 exhibitors) and Emilia Romagna (26 exhibitors). A further 16% of exhibitors come from central Italy, Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria, Marche, and Abruzzo, while 4% came from the South. The organisers tell us that Veneto hosts the most production facilities, with major companies nationwide.

This year's event saw the continued participation of those high-calibre companies that have exhibited regularly throughout Pulire's history. And while the support of these companies is fundamental to the success of any show, it should be noted that the participation this year of large numbers of more specialist manufacturers too, proves that companies see in this event an important opportunity to increase their business.

In this context the organisers are highlighting the increased participation of those involved in component production, whose main partners are the manufacturers of machinery, accessories and batteries - and the presence of greater numbers of those involved in the production of paper disposables and their related products, those catering for the industrial laundry market and the producers of cleaning solutions for those in the ho.re.ca. (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafeteria) trade.

Of course a good show is nothing without visitors and this year the numbers and calibre of those seeking out new products and equipment didn't disappoint. A record-breaking 12,028 visitors - up 18.2% compared to the last event in the series - took time out of their busy working day to attend. The event is increasingly international too, reporting 24.7% foreign visitors this year from 91 countries around the world - a marked growth of 4.2%.
Of the Italian visitors, 74.3% were from Northern Italy, 15.3% from Central Italy, 6.4% from the South, and 4% from the Islands. Lombardy led the way with 28.8% of the total, followed by Veneto (20.2%) and Emilia Romagna, (11.8%). Significant numbers of visitors also came from Piedmont, Tuscany, Lazio, Campania, Trentino Alto Adige, Sicily and the Marche.

Foreign visitors were 74.51% from Europe, 16.36% from Asia, 4.48% from America, 3.29% from Africa and 1.46% from Australia and the South Pacific. The highest number of international visitors came from Northern Europe and Eastern Europe. Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands were the European countries with greatest attendance. Of the non European countries, there was a significant attendance from the Middle East and UAE, confirming again the great interest in the development of new opportunities from those living on that continent. On the other side of the ocean, in South America, most of the visitors came from Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico.

This year, 40.7% of the visitors were comprised of distributors, dealers, retailers, importers and buying groups, 29.1% represented services companies, while manufacturers accounted for 18.9%. A lower percentage was made up of customers (3.5%), suppliers (6.3%) and institutions (1.2%). This year, 31% of the visitors were business owners, 34% were high profile figures including top-level managers and directors, sales managers and marketing directors - the decision-makers.

"We are particularly proud of this edition of Pulire," notes Toni D'Andrea. "In a global time of uncertainty when other trade shows are reporting declines, small or significant though it may be, ending this event with an increase in the number of visitors can only make us particularly proud of the work done.

Pulire-conf.jpg"A large number of visitors used the Pulire 2.0 app, in a show of appreciation for a totally innovative method that represents a great challenge for the radical change in the exhibition approach that this tool has implied. We are pleased to state that we have become the most digitalised exhibition in Italy as 11.9% of our visitors used the app, compared to 8% of those attending the most popular national exhibitions."

Matteo Marino, President of AfidampFAB, is delighted at how successful the event turned out to be. "It is an honour for me to have acted as President of the 21st edition of Pulire," he remarks. "The continuous presence of visitors in the halls and the feeling of cautious optimism in the air demonstrated that there is still a desire to look to the future, the market, and new opportunities. We thank the exhibitors for taking part and we look forward to 2015."

Afidamp Servizi is the operations and commercial arm of AfidampFAB, (Italian Association of Manufacturers of Machinery, Products, and Tools for Industrial Cleaning and Environmental Hygiene) which brings together 124 manufacturing companies working in the professional cleaning sector. The manufacturing industry of machinery, chemical products, and equipment in Italy invoiced 1.4 billion euro in 2012. In this market, Italy has assumed a role of absolute relevance and is among the most competitive countries. It is one of the leading manufacturers in the world, along with Germany and the United States, for machinery and tools, and one of leading exporters.

The industry is represented for 36% by small companies with revenue up to 4 million euro, for 52% by medium-sized companies with revenue between 4 and 30 million euro (often family owned) and 12% by large groups with Italian capital with revenue over 30 million euro. Afidamp Servizi organizes Pulire, the international show of production and technologies for environmental hygiene. The exhibition was founded in 1982 as an annual itinerant event; however since 1993 it has become a fixed biennial exhibition with other 13,500 square meters of exhibition space and 265 exhibitors. The Pulire event represents the leading opportunity for exchange and dialogue for the professional cleaning industry.

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1st August 2013

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