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IFMA releases realigned Certified Facility Manager credential with two new competency areas

The International Facility Management Association has released a revised CFM Exam based on an updated and realigned framework for its flagship credential, the Certified Facility Manager. The updated CFM Exam accounts for the most recent Global Job Task Force Analysis which highlighted two new competency areas - emergency preparedness and business continuity and environmental stewardship and sustainability - bringing the total to 11.

At the same time, existing competency areas were updated to reflect the evolving demands of the facility management discipline around the world.
"The CFM certification has earned recognition as the most prestigious credential in facility management because it has consistently evolved along with the discipline itself," says IFMA President and CEO Tony Keane, CAE. "Facility management is constantly growing and adapting. Our professional development tools are updated to keep up. At IFMA, with the help of over 23,000 members around the world, we are able react to changes in the profession, and shape them, providing CFMs a professional advantage. This is the key value of the CFM credential."

Since 1992, the CFM has been thought by many to be the only true certification for facilities management. As the most prestigious credential offered by IFMA, the CFM covers the broad scope of facilities management as identified by the Global Job Task Analysis, which shapes the educational landscape and directly impacts IFMA's other credentials, the Facility Management Professional and Sustainability Facility Professional.

The CFM is a product of facilities managers from around the world who volunteer their time and energy to shape a truly global certification. It is this grassroots development that helps make the CFM a truly global representation of the tasks and responsibilities common to contemporary facilities management. These are identified as competency areas, listed in alphabetical order below:

* Communication
* Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity
* Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
* Finance and Business
* Human Factors
* Leadership and Strategy
* Operations and Maintenance
* Project Management
* Quality
* Real Estate & Property Management
* Technology

"As our profession grows in prestige and global importance, the role of an International organisation like IFMA will only get more important," says IFMA Chair Marc S. Liciardello, CFM, MBA, CM. "What makes the entire CFM update process so special is that it grew from the ground up. The information we used came straight from facility managers like you and me, men and women from around the world who strategically and tactically work in the built environment on a daily basis.

"These competency areas weren't conceived and developed in a boardroom. They reflect what we actually do. Earning my CFM was an excellent investment, and this update to the CFM certification keeps it on the cutting edge."


18th July 2013

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