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NHS Supply Chain chooses new all-purple cytotoxic/cytostatic waste bags from GV Health

purple_142.jpgNew all-purple cytotoxic/cytostatic waste bags from GV Health have been selected by NHS Supply Chain for use in the NHS throughout England and Wales. Improving the proportion of recycled clinical waste is a key objective for the NHS as it improves safety and reduces environmental impact by lessening the use of incineration.

An added bonus is that the policy also lowers NHS waste disposal costs significantly.

Increasing the accuracy of waste segregation by medical staff through the use of distinctively colour coded multiple waste channels is an essential part of this policy. Department of Health regulations require cytotoxic and cytostatic waste (products possessing any one or more of the following hazardous properties: H6: Toxic, H7: Carcinogenic, H10: Toxic for reproduction, H11: Mutagenic) to be segregated from other clinical and non-clinical waste.

Although not a legal requirement, it is considered best practice to segregate cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines from other drug waste too, as much of this does not require incineration.

Many independent waste contractors working for the NHS now require additional segregation as not all facilities are authorised for disposal of cytotoxic and cytostatic medicines. The indicative treatment and disposal required for this category of waste is incineration at a licensed facility.
This latest award from NHS Supply Chain to GV Health confirms the increasing use of specialised waste channels in the NHS, including that specifically for cytotoxic / cytostatic waste.

The internationally recognised packaging for cytotoxic and cytostatic waste is all-purple or yellow and purple. By selecting new all-purple bags by GV Health, NHS Supply Chain is showing a clear preference for the greater distinctive properties the colour offers.

GV Health enjoys a well established reputation for delivering innovative product features in this competitive field. The MVN453 all-purple cytotoxic/cytostatic waste bags available through NHS Supply Chain include a secure sealing system to minimise the risk of spillages during handling and panels for adding information such as EWC codes and source data. MVN453 bags are rated medium duty, with a maximum contents weight of 5Kg.

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18th July 2013

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