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As my daughter Melissa and I were loading up the car on Tuesday to take a myriad of unwanted items and garden waste along to our local amenity tip for recycling, she remarked how lucky we are to live so close to what is known locally as 'the dump' and wondered what other people do, who don't have a similar facility within easy driving distance of their homes.

We arrived at the gates at 17.25, only to find that they'd shut 10 minutes earlier, which surprised us both as the facility used to remain open until 20.00 in the Summer.

"No wonder people flytip!" she exclaimed.

I know our local authorities have had to make cutbacks, but can't help agreeing with my daughter that closing the dump before residents have a chance to get home from work and join the queue to unload their rubbish is false economy...Surely the cost of removing rubbish that has been dumped where it shouldn't, is far more expensive than paying someone a few hours overtime each week-night to ensure that those who've made the effort to 'do the right thing' are supported in their efforts, rather than thwarted!

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Jan Hobbs

20th June 2013

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