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Truly innovative!

* Invisakill.jpgSeveral people we'd met at the show had told us about this particular product but it was only at the very end of the show that we were able to get onto the OEMAchem (in partnership with Green Harbour Solutions) stand and find out more - such was the interest in it amongst the visitors. We're glad we perservered!

"We're very proud to use the cleaning show to launch this exciting new range of Invisikill products," said Mark Chiverton. "Invisikill is aimed at any area where microbial control is needed, and once the surface - whatever surface it may be - is treated, it will remain continually antimicrobial. Traditional chemical sanitisers effectively sanitise a surface but offer no lasting protection. Our product differs in that it renders surfaces continually antimicrobial. We believe our Invisakill products will change the face of surface sanitisation across a variety of industries.

"The way the technology works is simple but highly effective. Our active ingredient, derived from plant-based carbon, is cleverly suspended in water. It is harmless, odourless and colourless," he said, proving it by squirting a fair amount into his mouth before swallowing. "When it is applied to the target surface, self-formation of the silica membrane is triggered," he said. "As the evaporation of water occurs, strong chemical (covalent) bonds are created connecting the active ingredient to the surface.

"While this durable flexible layer forms, spears develop - facing outwards to meet the onslaught of pathogens. Each spear, which is positively charged, attracts the pathogens which are negatively charged. After piercing the cell wall, each pathogen is then electrocuted by the positive charge at the base of the spear, causing the pathogen to physically explode. This method of kill disallows mutation and therefore eliminates the possibility of resistant strain formation. There is nothing given in this process of pathogen kill, thereby the spear remains intact to continue destroying pathogens, and will continue undiminished as long as the surface remains structural integrity.

"Our product carries no hazardous components and once applied, works effectively in a variety of media; in air, water and fuel. It can also be applied to a whole variety of surfaces, metals, woods, plastics, glass, fabrics, carpets, paint etc., which makes the number of applications for microbial control endless."

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28th March 2013

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