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Never pump again!

* Green-Gorilla.jpgAnother name we hadn't come across before was Green Gorilla Europe. There was quite a crowd watching Magnus Jonatansson, who hails from Iceland, demonstrate the Green Gorilla Advanced Spray System - and when we realised how the system worked, we could understand why.

Magnus explained that his company, Fremst ehf Iceland, has the exclusive rights to sell and distribute the product in Europe, for US manufacturer ForeFront Product Design.

The Green Gorilla Advanced Spray System is ForeFront's flagship product. After consulting with avid gardeners and cleaning professionals, the manufacturer developed the premium spray tanks to go above and beyond the average tanks on the market. "No feature, major or minor was overlooked," explained Magnus. "From the ultra-violet resistant tank material, tip-resistant tank base, ergonomically shaped handle, and large, easy to read fill lines, to the many attachments that free you from pumping, extend your reach and more: everything has been considered and upgraded. There are other home and garden and commercial sprayers, but nothing like the Green Gorilla Advanced Spray System!

"Our two series, Professional, and Commercial are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications and users. Whether you're working around the house, tackling the big projects, or equipping your business, we have a system for you. Start with one of our high quality spray tanks and add the accessories that suit your project. We have 20 foot hoses, extended spray wands, and much more, including our line of Power Packs, which transform a Green Gorilla spray tank into a self-pressurized sprayer!"

The Green Gorilla Easy-Twist Quick-Connect lets you connect accessories to the tank simply and effortlessly. It also serves as an automatic pressure relief (ensuring that your tank is always within safe pressure ranges) and a manual pressure relief (letting you release your tanks pressure easily and safely). Through this connector, you can also attach one of the company's many Power Packs. In seconds, this transforms your spray tank into an auto-pressurised sprayer.

Magnus explained that it takes approximately 3.5 hours to recharge from a fully discharged unit using the fast charger that's provided, and that a fully charged power pack, should provide over three hours of constant spraying, although the actual time depends on the spray pattern. The battery life of the Li-Ion used in the Power Packs can be anywhere from two - five years, depending upon the number of charges and discharges, as well as the shelf life prior to usage by the consumer.

The Power Pack has an internal switching device that detects the tank pressure, thus turning the Power Pack unit on and off as needed to maintain the pressure. There is an automatic pressure relief valve built into the patent-pending Easy-Twist Quick-Connect. If the pressure in the tank should rise above the safety range (factory set), the pressure relief valve will automatically open to vent the pressure. The pressure in the tank can also be released manually by depressing the red button in the centre of the connector on the tank when the Power Pack or other accessories are not attached to the Easy-Twist Quick-Connect.

"Our Professional system will have increased durability, and increased chemical resistance," said Magnus. "It utilises Viton or FKM seals for heavy duty, harsh chemicals. Also, the Power Pack I Pro will have a protective rubber grip with switch and charging port seals. In addition to the Viton or FKM seals and rubber grip present in our Professional System, our Commercial System also has an quick disconnect hose attachment system with built in shut-offs, so that a commercial user can swap out equipment while the tank is still pressurised. This connection system will permit the ganging of multiple tanks and daisy-chaining of hose accessories. The Power Pack V Li+ will also have increased flow-rate and double the battery life as compared to the Power Pack I Li+ and Power Pack I Pro.

So how had the system gone down with visitors to the show?

"It's been fantastic!" exclaimed Magnus. "Lots of carpet cleaners have ordered systems from the stand. It's been non-stop. In fact we've not been able to have lunch on any of the three days we've been here, it's been that busy."

T: +354-824-5000 (Magnus Jonatansson)
E: [email protected]
W: www.green-gorilla.is

28th March 2013

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