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PTS Clean: Stand E40

* picobello.jpgPTS Clean is showing the Italian-built Eureka Picobello 151 Manual Sweeper - a product that we know made the finals of the Innovation Awards in the Cleaning Equipment (outdoor) category, although we won't know until later today whether it has actually won the award or not. The company's Craig HosieIt told us that it was during a recent trip to the Eureka factory in Italy that realised the massive potential for this particular sweeper on his customers' sites.

The Picobello is an extremely innovative machine as it's equipped with a patented system that facilitates the complete control of dust, which can sometimes become airborne when other machines are used. When the unit is pushed the side wheel activates both the main brush and a vacuum fan which rotates at high speed, creating a vacuum effect and providing suction powerful enough to collect & retain the dust. Being battery-free, cable-free and engine-free, the Picobello has an unlimited running time, is completely silent, simple to use, maintenance-free and 100% ecological.

The Picobello can be used anywhere that needs to be kept completely dust free and whilst it is particularly suited to small and medium sized areas, Craig said that many of his customers with larger industrial sites are finding it useful to have a few Picobellos on site for areas inaccessible to larger machines. Many are also replacing their warehouse brushes & brooms with the Picobello 151 as a quicker, more efficient alternative method of keeping floors free of dust and debris.

"The Picobello has proven so popular with our customers that is fast becoming our best-selling sweeper; we hope to have customer testimonials available on our website soon so that visitors to our website can see how it used in environments similar to their own," said Craig.

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19th March 2013

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