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PowerCell: Stand A70

* XFC-Bloc.jpgAs you take in the clever features and sheer functional beauty of the floor cleaning equipment on display at the Show, try to imagine the frustration you'd feel if you owned such a machine and it didn't work... This is the costly scenario faced all too often in the cleaning industry -and it's one that industrial battery supplier PowerCell would like to help you avoid.

"Today's cleaners are generally very reliable and well built, but whether they will function on any particular day depends largely on the quality and state of their batteries," argued PowerCell's Managing Director Derek Anderson.

"The first step towards constant productivity is to ensure you have a good quality battery and charger - and that they are compatible with each other, with the machine and with the application. The next step is to see to it that your battery, charger and cleaner are well maintained."

The PowerCell are advising machine users on how to make the right choices and avoid pitfalls. Having provided a specially tailored, priority service to the cleaning market since 2007, and with a technical team that includes a dedicated cleaning sector specialist, PowerCell is ideally placed to provide this advice. And as well as supplying battery equipment and expertise, PowerCell's support package extends to sending engineers out on site to solve users' problems. By combining quality products with every necessary engineering back-up service, PowerCell's aim is total peace of mind for the customer.

"Incompatibility is at the root of many customers' problems," said Derek. "Users often obtain the battery and charger through different suppliers and, even if the equipment is well matched, it's not uncommon for them to report a battery fault, only to discover that the problem lies with the charger - or vice versa. Life is so much easier if a call to just one supplier, like PowerCell, can resolve all issues. Battery failure, resulting in breakdown of cleaning machines, is quite frequently the result of buying batteries of insufficient quality or of the wrong type for the task. It can be more than inconvenient, as in many sectors cleanliness is a necessity rather than a luxury. Trying to save a few pounds by buying a cheaper battery can quite literally bring the business to a halt."

PowerCell can supply all major makes and types of battery, including Gel, AGM, VRLA and Flooded. PowerCell's first service to the customer is to identify which one is most appropriate to the cleaning machine and application. The next is to supply it in the most cost-effective way. Similarly, a vast range of chargers is available from PowerCell - along with expert advice on which will best meet the needs of each battery and operation. They come in all sizes, with different technologies and charging times, and include everything from standard units to small high-frequency chargers with a low draw on the mains to avoid tripping.

All batteries and accessories sold to the cleaning industry by PowerCell are tested and field trialled before sale and are fully backed by the PowerCell Service Support Package, which promises an impressive 96% first-time fix rate. "In short," concluded Derek, "we have put together everything you need to keep your cleaning machine in action."

T: 01376 550825
E: [email protected]
W: www.powercell.co.uk

19th March 2013

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