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Jangro launches smart cleaning training programme

* Jangro-washroom.jpgCleaning isn't the easiest job in the world and those whose job it is to clean, need to be trained to do it properly. Think: sometimes powerful machinery, trailing leads, potentially dangerous concoctions of chemicals, dilution rates that should be adhered to and wet floors - all mixed with members of the public who may or may not be the cleaner's clients - and you'll get the general gist.

There are several barriers to the training of cleaners; contracts are so tightly run that the logistics of taking a cleaner out of work to attend a training course can prove a nightmare, with cover to provide and on top of that, finding the money to pay for training what can be a vast workforce... Plus with the high turnover of staff in the industry, an enormous percentage of the money spent will be wasted. Well - that's the philosophy anyway, although there is a school of thought that believes a trained cleaner will feel valued and therefore be reluctant to move on. Well - it makes sense, doesn't it?

* Dashboard.jpgEnter Jangro - the UK's largest network of independent janitorial and flooring product suppliers with 41 outlets and over 4,000 products. This innovative group is revolutionising cleaning training with a new distance learning programme called 'Learning Management System' (LMS).

Thanks to Jangro's new scheme, contract cleaning companies and organisations directly employing cleaning staff, will soon be able to afford training for every employee on a range of specific cleaning tasks for only £0.99p per person per course.

The first release of LMS programmes will offer modules to cover basic everyday janitorial activities. The first three titles released in this month focus on Floorcare, COSHH and Washroom Cleaning. Others scheduled for early 2013 will include: Introduction to cleaning, Introduction to Equipment, Kitchen Hygiene, PH scale and cleaning agents, Colour Coding, Bio-Hazards, Infection Control and Carpet Care.

All LMS modules come with range of online COSHH and technical data sheets, risk assessment and product usage guides, animated instruction on everyday tasks and an 'Ask the expert' interactive source of information. The LMS is accessible on any laptop, palmtop, tablet, BlackBerry, android phones or ipad.

All sources of information, excluding the LMS training modules, can also be accessed on a new Jangro mobile phone App or by scanning the relevant QR code in the packed Jangro catalogue and soon to be available on product packaging.

To provide the best up-to-date practical advice, top cleaning trainer Tommy Taylor has worked with Jangro as consultant editor on all training and technical issues.

The LMS system works remotely so it can be carried out at times to suit the user. Programmes operating times vary from 50 minutes to 90 for the very detailed floorcare module. Users can dip in and out in short sessions - maybe 15 minutes a day to suit, so learning could never be easier. Employers and training managers can remotely monitor employees' progress and check on progress of each employee.

Jeremy Thorn, Sales and Marketing Director of Jangro explains: "Today distribution organisations have big customer responsibilities and if they want to grow their market share they have to add value to the products they sell and training is the most effective way of meeting customer needs.

"End users must understand cleaning issues and be aware of the right and wrong way of carrying out each task. The LMS is affordable for every organisation employing cleaning staff and will ultimately save money in getting the job done the right way, the first time, using the right products."

Andrew Large, Chief Executive of the Cleaning & Support Services Association, representing hundreds of contractors that employ hundreds of thousands of operatives says: "It is every employee's right to be given adequate training for the job but all to often only a small number of staff get selected because of the high cost or time away from the job to train. This programme beats both these problems as it is low cost, practical and doesn't mean time off from the job. There's no excuse now for bad practice from untrained staff - is any employee not worth £0.99p?"

A short sample of one LMS programme can be seen on http://www.youtu.be/MozOy1Du8JY

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6th December 2012

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