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Healthy Schools Campaign thanks supporters as it launches new guide

* guide-cover.jpgThe Healthy Schools Campaign in the US is recognising PortionPac Chemical Corporation as one of its longest-term supporters as it releases its influential 'Quick & Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools'. This is the fourth edition of the guide, following the successful distribution of nearly 125,000 copies of earlier editions.

"PortionPac believed in the value of this guide, had the vision to see the impact it could have, and took a chance by supporting a fledgling program in 2006," says Rochelle Davis, executive editor of the guide and president and CEO of Healthy Schools Campaign.

"Since then, we've seen huge strides in policy, in the marketplace and on the ground in schools as more and more leaders embrace cleaning for health while protecting the environment.

"By being part of the Green Clean Schools team from day one and continuing to generously support it over the years, PortionPac has helped grow this programme and create change in schools. We are proud to be part of making this change and are proud of the team that has come together to support it."

Since HSC launched the Green Clean Schools initiative, the demand for green cleaning in schools has grown significantly. Some 10 states now require green cleaning in schools and the federal government promotes green cleaning with programmes such as Green Ribbon Schools and the EPA state school environmental health guidelines. The marketplace for green cleaning has also shifted, with industry leaders offering an increasing range of effective green options.

"Schools across the country use the 'Quick and Easy Guide to Green Cleaning in Schools' as an authoritative resource, and we are happy to support it," says Burt Klein, president of PortionPac. "With the preponderance of policies favouring green cleaning materials, every school can use a resource like this to help navigate the purchasing requirements. PortionPac supports the guide because it's the right thing for the environment and for students when a school chooses a green cleaning system."

The Guide outlines five steps for starting or enhancing a green cleaning programme, such as using green products and equipment, adopting new cleaning procedures and involving all school stakeholders in the process. It also includes an enhanced purchasing directory with hundreds of products that meet HSC's environmental standards for schools.


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