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Instazorb super absorbent granule now available in UK

* insta_bagged_boxed_big.jpgSuper flexible, multi-use, non toxic absorbent granule 'Instazorb' is now available in the UK via specialist chemical and online instrumentation expert, Process Measurement & Analysis (PMA).

InstaZorb challenges preconceptions of what is possible with an absorbent granule, having the capacity to absorb up to 465% of its own weight in virtually any spilt liquid or semi liquid:

- Oils and associated hydrocarbons
- Acids and bases
- Foodstuffs and bodily fluids
- Paint
 ...and many more

Many people have a notion of a clay or 'kitty litter'-like product that works by ADsorbing onto the surface of the grains used to soak up oils, which work for a small range of simple spill issues encountered in a narrow band of fields.

InstaZorb is composed of a surfactant-treated volcanic mineral that ABsorbs spills into its structure and retains them whilst being extremely light and working on contact, meaning rapid and effective resolution of spills is achieved, rather than a 'sticking plaster' type temporary fix.

InstaZorb is NSF certified safe for use in food handling environments as well as other locations where absorbents traditionally have not been very effective or even considered for use, such as laboratories, non-sterile hospital environments, logisitical organisations and the hospitality industry.

InstaZorb has been available in Europe and the US for more than 10 years and is used throughout Europe and the Middle East.


27th September 2012

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