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Natural bacteria help defeat the 'drought'

* ecocube.jpgAs the water authorities across the UK make contingency plans to combat the reduced reservoir and water table levels (we are technically in a drought - although with the flash floods a visitor might be forgiven for thinking that we're not - Ed), one company based in Bath is helping businesses nationwide save water - and money - using innovative naturally occurring bacteria.

Eco-cube is a simple looking product - in a cube shape - which contains millions of naturally occurring probiotic bacteria that allows any washroom urinal to become free of flushing water. The bacteria found in each eco-cube assist in efficiently breaking down the waste matter found in urine and the urinal pipe work, resulting in the requirement for automatic flushing water to be reduced or eliminated completely.

Scott Johnston, Director of Eco-Works, the originator of the product says: "Our proven microbiological system which uses natural friendly probiotic bacteria does not require any running water or harmful chemicals to operate and as a result businesses and authorities are able to save thousands of pounds a year on their water and sewage charges and be more environmentally caring at the same time."

One such authority that that has been using the eco-cube system for a number of years and is already making enormous monetary savings by reducing their water consumption is Purbeck District Council in Dorset. With some of the busiest public conveniences in the county during the holiday season, the washrooms are heavily used.

"In order to deal with the high volume of users in our washrooms, we used to be flushing water every few minutes," reports the Environmental Services Department of Purbeck District Council. "Since we installed the eco-cube probiotic urinal system just over four years ago, we have verifiably saved £11,800 in our water charges - year on year - and our washrooms are now working far more effectively with no reported blockages and they are smelling cleaner than ever before."

The eco-cube urinal system from Eco-Works will fit all urinals and troughs with zero modifications required to make it work. The system is a proven technology. Says Scott Johnson: "We constantly have refined and improved the product over the years to give our customers the most effecient waterless urinal system for there is only one true genuine eco-cube - the one which contains the Eco-Works formulated blend of active probiotic bacteria."

Eco-Works products including the eco-cube are widely recommended and used in many government establishments both in the UK and abroad, including countries such as India, Australia, the Middle East and the United States.

T: 08700 777 575
E: [email protected]
W: www.eco-works.co.uk

17th May 2012

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