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Carpet cleaning work injury survey looks at equipment ergonomics

A recent survey of carpet cleaning technicians has found that some have experienced injuries while using carpet cleaning equipment when working at both residential and commercial facilities.

The January 2012 survey was conducted for US Products, a leading manufacturer of professional carpet cleaning equipment, and was first posted on the company's Facebook site, reports Robert Kravitz. As of February 3rd, 2012, 69 respondents had completed the survey.

Asked which type of portable carpet extractor - conventional box or upright dolly design - is the easiest to transport, two-thirds said an upright dolly design machine is the most mobile. Some 22% voted for conventional box machines, while the rest reported they were unsure.

When asked if they have ever experienced an injury using a portable carpet extractor regardless of the type, slightly more than 74% said 'no'; 26% responded 'yes'.

Digging deeper, 65% of the respondents said they believe today's carpet extractors 'are getting easier to move and manoeuvre.' Only 4% disagreed, while 31% said today's machines are about the same as those made a few years back when it comes to manoeuvrability.

"Certainly not all but some portable carpet extractor manufacturers have made significant ergonomic improvements in their machines," says Mark Baxter, Engineer and Product Manager with US Products. "They are lighter and easier to manoeuvre. Extractors with an upright, dolly design have definitely proved to be more ergonomic, helping to keep injuries down."

Mark adds that reducing injuries when performing carpet cleaning and other cleaning tasks is a more serious matter than many end users realise.

"The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that more than 40,000 janitors and professional cleaners have job-related illnesses or injuries each year. As carpet extractors are designed more ergonomically, the number of job-related injuries in the carpet and professional cleaning industry likely will be reduced considerably."

US Products is a leading manufacturer of carpet, upholstery, drapery, stone, concrete, and tile cleaning and restoration equipment, tools, and chemicals for the floorcare professional.

Toll-free: 800-426-4225
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9th February 2012

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