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Cut staff sick days with antibacterial surface protection

PHS Washrooms, has launched a campaign to target the financial impact of sickness absence, with the implementation of antibacterial surface protection in UK washrooms. SteriTouch is a permanent antibacterial protection that the company claims will reduce the spread of germs and minimise cross infection. This treatment is now incorporated as standard into a core selection of its washroom products.

According to a the latest CBI/Pfizer Absence and Workplace Health Survey, published in May this year, workplace absence cost the UK economy £17bn in 2010, thanks to 190 million lost working days. This figure, CBI and Pfizer say, does not include the other indirect costs of absence, such as reduced customer service and lost productivity. This suggests that the total cost could be even higher than the £17bn reported.

"Whilst not all workplace sickness can be attributed to infection transmitted at work," explains PHS Washrooms' managing director, Ian Osborne, "There is a causal link between poor hand hygiene and cross infection. Indeed, the World Health Organisation publishes guidelines on hand hygiene for health care professionals to reduce transmission of pathogenic microorganisms - perhaps not surprising, given that the NHS alone is estimated to spend £1bn a year to treat hospital-acquired infections!

"We constantly strive to support washroom hygiene across the UK, to reduce the spread of germs and minimise cross infection. An important weapon is antibacterial SteriTouch; a permanent surface protection that is now incorporated into nine core products. We are the only company to offer such a high level of protection as standard within our range."

Evidence to support the link between good hand hygiene and improved attendance was published in August in the American Journal of Infection Control. A three month study was reported upon which showed that in a group of 324 elementary school students who were given instruction on hand disinfection, a 66% decrease in absence over four days or more was observed, plus a 20% increase in children with zero absences, compared to the previous year.

"As the Health Projection Agency states, hand hygiene is the single most important method of preventing and controlling infection," says Ian. "However, it is well proven that effective hand washing and safe standards of personal hygiene are not comprehensive or consistent in the UK population and, as such, it is advisable to reduce the spread of harmful germs in the areas of the washroom we touch the most during a visit.

"SteriTouch antibacterial surface protection guards against infection transmitted by such touches because it reduces the growth of harmful organisms, such as bacteria, mould and fungi."

SteriTouch is an antibacterial technology that harnesses the natural sterilising properties of silver. It is proven, says PHS Washrooms, to protect against cross infection and dramatically reduce the spread of pathogens such as MRSA, E.coli and Salmonella. It is permanently embedded in the company's core range of hand dryers, sanitary disposal units, dispensers for toilet paper, hand towel and soap dispensers.


17th November 2011

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