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We have mail: A rebranding for the IICRC

* The-Cleaning-Trust.jpgPaul Pearce, Chairman of The Clean Trust, announces that The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC) is going through a rebranding exercise and explains why and how it is going to happen. Founded in 1972, the organisation currently represents more than 5,700 Certified Firms and 54,000 Certified Technicians in 22 countries. The Clean Trust, with participation from the entire industry, sets standards for inspection, cleaning and disaster restoration.

Dear Jan,

The executive committee, the board of directors and I are very excited to announce the name change of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to The Clean Trust.

Although the name is new, our focus on cleaning, restoration and inspection, the three core areas of expertise, will remain the same. Additionally, the certification and standards on which the IICRC has built its reputation will remain the same. The Clean Trust will continue as an ANSI Standard Development Organisation (SDO) and pursue the development of standards for the industry as a whole, aiming to provide the most up to date education for its registrants.

Along with the new name, we are also unveiling a new tagline that you'll start to see: Where professionals find training. And consumers find peace of mind. We want to make sure that the name reflects who our registrants are and our core values: integrity, respect, excellence, expertise, and responsibility.

Many people may be asking, why? The board of directors discussed at length the benefits of a name change and ultimately decided that it was in the best interest of our registrants to move forward with a new name. I want to point out a few key benefits of the name change:

* The name allows for the expansion into other service areas, such as installation, without adding extra letters or words to the existing acronym. Rest assured; our core focus will always be on cleaning, restoration and inspection - all activities that tie back to our mission to identify and promote an international standard of care that establishes and maintains the health, safety and welfare of the built environment.
* The name is short and easy to remember providing a unique marketing opportunity for the organisation, especially for the general public. For years, the organisation has heard registrants' request for more name recognition outside the industry, but admittedly, with a name that was a mouthful, it was an uphill battle. Now, our focus will be on getting consumers to "ask for The Clean Trust."
* Thirdly, the name allows the organisation to separate the services of an institution from those of a trade association. As many of you know, the board of directors has approved the creation of a trade organisation. The previous name (IICRC) presented challenges since an institute and a trade association are not the same thing. Now, the organisation has the ability to utilise The Clean Trust in various entities - standards, institute, accreditation, certification and association.

In terms of the rollout of the new name and design, this will not be an overnight change and you will see a gradual introduction of the new name and design throughout the next year. Immediately, new materials that will be available include an introductory video, new ID cards, a new general overview brochure, patches and stickers. Following these items, in the coming months, you'll see updated standards covers, a brochure series for cleaning, restoration and inspection, a new newsletter and a new website.

There has been lots of change in the past year, all for the better. The organisation has changed and grown in ways that we never imagined. It's an exciting time for the organisation and one we look forward to progressing further.

We encourage you to visit the current US website (www.iicrc.org) to review the list of frequently asked questions regarding the name change. Here, Registrants can find what the best process is for replacing IICRC patches, how to use the new logo (if a certified firm) and other details.

We hope everyone will join us during this exciting time as we launch The Clean Trust.


Paul Pearce
The Clean Trust Chairman
IICRC European Office +44 (0) 20 8253 4505
E: [email protected]
W: www.iicrc.org

20th October 2011

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