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Vitesy's Natede Smart air purifier detoxifies using natural ability of plants

* vitesy.jpegItalian-built air purifier Natede Smart is a beautiful accessory designed to complement any interior, but its simple design is deceptive: It features the most advanced sensors for temperature, humidity, pollutants (VOCs), fine particulates (PM2.5) and carbon monoxide (CO). And unlike many other air purifiers, it doesn't collect toxic agents inside a filter, but eliminates them in a safe way.

"This includes eliminating 93% of VOCs, 99% of bacteria, viruses, fine-particulate and odours," says the manufacturer. "It is a natural and sustainable air purifier with monitoring system that uses enhanced phytoremediation, the natural ability of some plants to accumulate and eliminate pollutants in soil, air and water.

"Natede Smart enhances this natural power of plants by forced air circulation through the roots system whereby the micro-organisms in the roots capture all the pollutants.

"Unlike other air purifiers that use HEPA filters which need to be replaced on a regular basis, with Natede Smart there will be no unexpected hidden costs due to filter changes. You get it once, it lasts forever.

"The photocatalytic filter, which is treated with nanomaterials (Tungsten Trioxide), once activated by LED light, captures and eliminates VOCs, viruses and bacteria in a natural and environmentally friendly way. This filter has a special 'sponge' design that maximises the outer surface area and thus the efficiency of photocatalysis."

As it is made of ceramics, the filter doesn't need to be replaced but only needs to be washed under running water, cutting down enormously on the costs and trouble of replacing filters.

An LED interface, which simulates a breath, communicates air quality levels visually by flashing faster and slower depending on the air quality, which allows users to monitor air pollutants in any space in real time.

Natede Smart purifies the air in a 36sq.m room in just nine hours. However, more functionality is available via the Vitesy App where the airflow can be remotely managed, the mode and intensity of purification can be chosen based on individual need, indoor air quality can be checked in real-time from wherever and notifications received.

As well as being able to connect to smart devices, Natede Smart utilises a self-watering system, further reducing water consumption and taking the headache out of having to rewater office plants regularly as the system can replenish a plant for about a month.

"Natede Smart is created in Italy with love, using high-quality recycled plastic for the structural parts (body, basket, base)," says Vitesy. "It has been designed to be easily recyclable and repairable with an interlocking assembly, thus eliminating the use of any glues.

"Finally, through the brand's collaboration with UP2Y the CO2 for each shipment is offset with the support of four environmental and social projects."


30th May 2024

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