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Bunzl and Amplify Goods collaborate to launch the new exclusive washroom brand RE:MIND

* Bunzl-Amplify.jpgBunzl UK & Ireland and social enterprise Amplify Goods, have joined forces for the launch of a new range of luxury washroom products.

The creation of a new brand, RE:MIND, has been designed to combine luxury hand and body care and social value, using a high-quality formulation developed by Amplify Goods that uses carefully selected ingredients which are 96-99% naturally-derived depending on the product.

As a certified Social Enterprise, Amplify Goods donates at least 51% of its profits to charitable projects at the intersection of mental health and the environment, among many other initiatives that drive positive change in local communities. It boasts a track record in selling net-positive washroom products to businesses looking to bring Net Zero ambitions into action within their supply chains as well as work opportunities to disabled, ex-homeless and underemployed groups. It aims to help tackle climate change by funding the wellbeing of its 'quiet changemakers' and providing eco-friendly essentials to companies that care.

"Amplify Goods is proud to do things differently,' says Camilla Marcus-Dew, the company's co-founder. 'The products have to be great, but we also work hard to design in a way that reduces waste, single-use plastic and harsh ingredients whilst enabling bottles to be reused, and putting more than half our profits into supporting the intersection between mental health and the natural.

"We see this as a great opportunity for Bunzl's various operating companies across the UK and Ireland, and its diverse customers.

"By the time we reach '700k turnover, we'll likely be supporting 50-100 people a year.'

Simply by enjoying a washroom product, you're jumping on board the burgeoning Social Enterprise and ESG movement and supporting both environmental and mental health projects. Thanks to this exciting collaboration between Amplify Goods and Bunzl, this can become a reality on a large scale.

Says the company's co-founder Pasha Michaelsen: "It's this emphasis on social and environmental good in products and business practices that's set to be the focus of RE:MIND, which includes the support of the physical and mental health of 'quiet changemakers'.

"As the founders of Amplify Goods, we know first-hand how important it is to avoid burnout - we've been there. That's why we're directly supporting these 'quiet changemakers' in ways they need, whilst also channelling funds into organisations working at the intersection of mental health and nature".

Amplify Goods washroom products have been distributed by Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies for the past year, a relationship which has now been further enhanced with the development of RE:MIND.

RE:MIND is a first-of-its-kind partnership between social enterprise and distributor; bringing together Amplify Goods' innovative approach to industry leading ESG product design and Bunzl's mission to source and provide more sustainable, ethical and socially responsible products to its vast customer base.

In this exclusive collaboration, the RE:MIND range launches as a small offering to enable all sectors to access affordable, high-quality washroom products. It includes a five-litre Sweet Orange & Rosemary Hand & Body Wash, a one-litre Sweet Orange & Rosemary Hand & Body Lotion, and Forever Glass Bottles & Pumps for both the washes and lotions. These bottles can also be mounted using the RE:MIND single wall bracket or double lockable wall bracket.

The range is formulated to include luxurious essential oils and shea butter that both revitalise and nourish, with ingredients carefully selected to minimise negative environmental impact. They are Vegan Society-certified and Amplify Goods won't work with any ingredients that are tested on animals. The products are also free from SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), synthetic dyes and harsh surfactants. Users can rest assured that RE:MIND only offers products that are of the highest quality.

The packaging used for RE:MIND has also been carefully developed to minimise waste and harmful impacts on the environment, with single-use plastic designed out where possible and upcycled waste cardboard utilised as a packing material. The majority of the packing processes have been considered with a view to utilising the skills of underemployed people, including ex-homeless, disabled people and those otherwise facing barriers to entry in the labour market.

Working in collaboration with Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies, which has already adopted a similar five-litre closed-loop solution with other exclusive brands, Amplify Goods facilitates businesses in joining on its circularity journey. Through its pioneering container reuse programme, five-litre bottles can be returned, cleaned, and refilled - reducing demands on virgin plastic and providing valuable work for people.

Says Amy McLauchlan, Bunzl UKI exclusive brands manager: "Amplify Goods is the perfect partner for this collaboration; we love its ethos and commitment to purpose and we're looking forward to the years ahead as we scale this ESG premium range".

RE:MIND hand and body care products are now available from Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies, and soon across many more of Bunzl's operating companies across the UK and Ireland.

Image from left: Lee Hall, marketing manager, Bunzl Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies; Pasha Michaelsen; Amy McLauchlan, and Camilla Marcus-Dew

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9th May 2024

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