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Water offers an eco-friendly approach to weeding

* Morclean-WEED-CONTROL.jpgA common problem in gardens and other outdoor areas, weeds can make your facility or other open spaces for which you're responsible, look unkempt and create a bad impression.

They need to be dealt with, but many chemical solutions and weed killers currently used, come with health and environmental risks. Now Morclean has developed equipment to tackle the problem of weeds using just hot water.

"Weeds can adapt to various and challenging conditions, making them very difficult to eliminate," says Morclean. "We have developed powerful water technology that can safely remove weeds, without the use of harsh or damaging chemicals. Hot water, when applied effectively, can be an efficient way of removing weeds safely, since the intense heat and power damages the weed's cell structure.

"This method is particularly useful for weeds growing in cracks in between paving slabs, pavements and other hard to reach areas.

"Traditional chemical herbicides can leave harmful residues in the soil and water sources, which can be damaging for plants, animals and humans. Hot water does not contain any harmful substances and is a much more environmentally safe way of weed removal.

"Not only that, but it is much more cost effective. No need for the harsh chemicals that can be expensive. Our high-power pressure cleaner, can be used any time with just water - no need for any other costly products."

This equipment is simple to use and is easily portable, with extendable hoses and a long trigger wand, making it easy to access all those hard-to-reach places.

To help to maximise the effectiveness of hot water weed control, Morclean has come up with a few tips for the best results:

- Sunny days can work in combination with the hot water to be more effective
- Direct the hot water specifically on to the weeds themselves - avoiding your delicate or sensitive plants as it could cause damage
- It may take more than one application to completely eliminate some more hardy weeds with thicker roots - regularly monitor the treated areas and reapply as necessary
- Always take safety precautions. Hot water can scald so wear protective clothing and be mindful of others in the area.

Morclean tells us it is looking forward to revealing this new range in the distant future. "Another innovative solution to a problem that is very common!" it says.

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2nd May 2024

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