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Futures Supplies celebrates 29 years of success

* 29-Futures-Supplies.jpgAs it celebrates its 29th year in business, Futures Supplies, a leading independent distributor of washroom, cleaning, janitorial and associated products, reflects on its remarkable journey marked by growth, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence...

Established in 1995 as a family business by Mandie, the company began its humble beginnings in a garage. Over nearly three decades, Futures Supplies has flourished into a renowned entity, serving a diverse clientele in the B2B sector, including contract cleaning companies, offices, educational establishments and leisure centres.

In 2005, affirming its dedication to long-term success, Futures Supplies made a pivotal move by acquiring and relocating to its purpose-built offices and warehouse in South London after a decade of renting premises on the Purley Way in Surrey.

Demonstrating its dedication to quality and service, the company achieved independent certification for its Quality Management System to British Standard ISO 9001 in 1997, ensuring customers' confidence in the products and services provided.

The leadership transition in 2018 marked a significant milestone as Mandie retired, and Marc, who joined the business in 1998, assumed the role of managing director. Marc's two decades of hands-on experience paved the way for continued growth and innovation, guiding the young and dynamic team towards future success.

Despite facing challenges such as the Millennium Bug and a substantial fire in 2000, Futures Supplies remained resilient, achieving its first £1 million in annual sales that year, setting a precedent for sustained success and growth.

Recognised for its commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability, Futures Supplies garnered over 30 accolades, including the prestigious Green Mark accreditation, reflecting the company's pioneering efforts in eco-friendly products and sustainable business practices.

Since 2006, the company has been Carbon Neutral certified, proudly boasting zero greenhouse gas emissions associated with its operations. Moreover, certification for its Environmental Management System to British Standard ISO 14001 since 2007 underscores its unwavering dedication to sustainability.

Embracing technological advancements, Futures Supplies was an early adopter of social media, engaging with customers through platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook since 2009, fostering meaningful connections and dialogue.

The company's steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction is exemplified by its enduring relationships, including its very first customer, whom it has served since 1995. By prioritising partnerships with suppliers and customers alike, Futures Supplies delivers exceptional value and experiences tailored to individual needs.

Throughout the challenges posed by the pandemic, Futures Supplies remained steadfast in its role as key workers, supplying essential services and products to ensure the continuity of its valued customers' businesses.

The team at Futures Supplies, including long-serving members such as office manager Andy, driver Ian, and warehouse manager Dave, epitomises the company's success, embodying its core values of service, quality and reliability.

Marking yet another milestone in 2024, Futures Supplies unveiled a refreshed company logo, symbolising its evolution, growth and optimism for the future. With a horizon representing endless possibilities and a bright star signifying a promising future, the new logo encapsulates the company's ethos and aspirations.

As Futures Supplies looks ahead, it remains committed to innovation, sustainability and unparalleled service, continuing to redefine excellence in the industry.


7th March 2024

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