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Show your washroom some love

* Bio-Blu-Washroom-love.jpgLiterally made for each other, Blu Away and Bio Blocks form a synergistic partnership that goes beyond surface cleanliness, addressing the core issues of washroom maintenance.

With Bio Productions, experience the innovation and reliability that only three decades of Probiotic expertise can deliver. Elevate your washroom standards and join the countless businesses already benefiting from our unparalleled probiotic biological cleaning solutions.

Blu Away, our cutting-edge probiotic biological washroom cleaner, is formulated with precision to eliminate odours, break down organic matter, and ensure a pristine environment. Its powerful microbial action doesn't just mask unpleasant smells but eradicates them at the source, leaving your facilities not only fresh but truly hygienic.

Bio Blocks, a specially crafted Probiotic product that works alone or seamlessly in tandem with Blu Away. These blocks harness the power of beneficial bacteria, continuously breaking down waste and preventing the build-up of deposits in pipes and urinals.

The result? A cleaner, more efficient plumbing system that contributes to both environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

What’s not to love?


15th February 2024

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