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Kärcher's new cordless vacuum brush: user-friendly and versatile

* Karcher-CV-30_2-Bp.jpgKärcher's new cutting-edge battery-powered vacuum cleaner, the CV 30/2 Bp Adv, stands out for its excellent cleaning performance, versatility and user-friendly design.

Boasting a 3-litre capacity, this compact machine facilitates the effortless cleaning of both carpets and hard floors, intelligently recognising the type of surface it is cleaning and adjusting its suction power accordingly. Its roller brush will not only thoroughly clean and remove ingrained dirt from carpet fibres and other textile surfaces, but it will leave the fibres straightened too.

Battery operation means that users don't have to contend with cables, search for power outlets, or switch outlets when moving between rooms during cleaning, which makes this machine ideal for use in diverse settings such as hotels, retail spaces and busy public facilities where members of the public can move around freely without the worry of tripping over cables.

The machine's particularly flat design and low ground clearance makes it ideal for cleaning under fixtures in buildings and beneath beds and sofas in hotels, while the convenient roller brush self-cleaning function is activated by a foot switch, ensuring fast and hygienic operation.

The ON/OFF switch, eco!efficiency mode and LED display for remaining battery runtime add to the machine's innovative features.

A surface nozzle, available as an accessory, facilitates cleaning in hard-to-reach areas and corners.

The wireless vacuum brush can be equipped with an optional HEPA 14 filter, effectively filtering out SARS-CoV-2 particles from the air. This feature is especially crucial for hotels or retirement home facilities, which must adhere to rigorous cleaning standards. An indicator light signals to users when the filter has reached full capacity, making them aware of the need for replacement.

The battery enhances user convenience by displaying the remaining running time on the machine's screen. For extensive cleaning needs, a replaceable battery can be easily inserted to extend the cleaning duration. Notably, there's no manual brush cleaning required after using the CV 30/2 Bp, eliminating the need for extra cleaning tools.


18th January 2024

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