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New HP4000: the evolution of Comac street sweepers

* Comac-street.jpgComac tells us that its newly launched HP4000 street sweeper represents a step forward in the evolution of street sweepers, bringing with it a new era of excellence in urban and industrial cleaning.

“The HP4000 isn't just another street sweeper; it's a versatile cleaning solution designed to excel in various environments, including urban areas, industrial facilities, warehouses, and parking lots,” says the company. “And thanks to its reduced water consumption, it's ideal for industries and cement plants which have substantial dust.”

Thanks to its TwinAction system, the HP4000 manages to combine the strength of the mechanical action - aimed at collecting larger residue, with the effectiveness of the vacuum action for finer dust. This means that excellent results can be achieved with just one machine and in just one pass. The power of the TwinAction system effectively vacuums and traps fine dust, minimising water usage and ensuring exceptional performance even in the most demanding conditions.

The HP4000 is equipped with a waste chopper to easily collect even large residue, which will then be shredded, without the risk of clogging the vacuum channel. The filters with which the HP4000 is equipped allow it to trap PM10 and PM2.5 particulate matter, thereby releasing clean air back into the environment.

Technology designed to safeguard resources and reduce waste - activated during both the transfer phase and the work phase - decreases energy consumption and lowers the noise level of the machine. The sweeper is designed to work efficiently without water; indeed water is generally only used in auxiliary functions to abate dust on the side brushes, when dumping waste and in the pressure washer.

The large 50sq.m Class L hydro and oleophobic air filter, combined with the power of the TwinAction system, ensures clean ambient air, free from PM10 and PM2.5 particles.

As well as offering exceptional cleaning performance in all conditions, the sweeper is extremely comfortable, safe and manoeuvrable. The simple and functional design allows the driver easy access to all controls without ever taking his/her eyes off the road, thereby ensuring a safe and pleasant drive.

Further benefits include increased collection capacity thanks to the large hopper along with durability and low maintenance over the years.

Like all Comac street sweeping machines, this model benefits from the Easy Fleet system, which allows optimal management of any work. Thanks to digitisation, it is possible to communicate with the machines, collect data and transform it into meaningful information that can create business value.

The HP4000 adapts easily to any situation, thanks to the three possible configurations:

• Municipal: Recommended for municipal companies and city centres, this is the most comprehensive option, ideal for all cleaning tasks requiring high precision and quality.
• Cement: Recommended for cement plants and the ceramics sector, this is the option designed for all situations where water cannot be used.
• Heavy industry: Recommended for heavy industry structures and metallurgy, this is the intermediate option, with a less rich configuration but one that fully meets the needs of large industrial structures.

“If the solution you require is not covered, it is possible to fully configure the HP4000, creating a machine capable of meeting any requirement,” says Comac.

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9th November 2023

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