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WRAP's Recycling Summit coming soon

* WRAP-Summit.jpgTo celebrate the 20th anniversary of the national campaign, Recycle Week, WRAP's (Waste & Resources Action Programme's) very first Recycling Summit will be taking place from 17th to 19th October.

The free-to-attend, online event will feature experts from WRAP along with other industry professionals to provide inspirational insights that will give you the tools and knowledge you need to deliver positive recycling changes for your organisation and those you communicate with, ready for the upcoming UK recycling reforms.

In addition to the programme of speakers there will be an opportunity to hear from and take part in panel discussions with Recycle Week sponsors Britvic, Tesco, Danone and Boots, with more sponsors being confirmed soon.

This panel of high-profile individuals will discuss their organisations' commitments to Recycle Week, talking about planned and future activities for engaging consumers in recycling as well as sharing successes, challenges and opportunities when engaging the public in recycling.

17th October:

Audience Segmentation & Recycling Tracker...

* Find out about WRAP's recently published Sustainable Lifestyle Segmentation Model which categorises the UK public into eight segments.

* Learn about WRAP's Recycling Tracker, an annual survey of UK households that gathers evidence on recycling attitudes, knowledge and behaviour. This thought-provoking session will provide insights on the segments' attitudes, beliefs and behaviours towards key environmental actions as well as identifying barriers to behaviour change.
* Learn about the Recycling Tracker and how WRAP uses evidence-based data to identify recycling behaviours and attitudes, communications recall, barriers to recycling and more!

Using Audience Segmentation & national Recycling Tracker Data to inform the Recycle Week Campaign...

* Attendees will learn about how evidence-based data from the national Recycling Tracker is used to develop targeted and creative campaigns like Recycle Week that engage with our audience segments to inspire positive behaviour change.

Supporting schools to zero carbon - step one, reducing waste...
* Learn about the Let's Go Zero campaign, including the work with the Department for Education, what the campaign offers schools and the different ways schools across the UK are tackling waste focusing on food, plastic, and clothing.

18th October:

Local authority food waste collections...

* There is a common aim to tackle food waste and divert it from landfill and policy framework across the nations is at different stages. Hear from local authority officers who have already started separate food waste collections, whether borough wide or part of a trial. Learn from some of the resources and guidance developed by WRAP to help with the planning and implementation of food waste collections.

Using behavioural science to tackle missed capture and contamination...

* Discover the principles for effectively influencing recycling behaviours supported by real life case studies. Hear about how we can go beyond communications to create behaviour change on the ground.

19th October:

Business recycling in Wales, England and Northern Ireland...

* In Wales, attendees will get an overview of the requirements on businesses under the new Workplace Recycling Regulations. In this session, find out about the timescale for actions required by businesses and the likely impacts, and learn from WRAP's guidance, tools, and resources being developed to support businesses in implementing or improving workplace recycling in Wales.

* Attendees in England and Northern Ireland will get an overview of the latest information on the proposed changes to workplace recycling from government consultations as well as responses to consultations. In this session, learn about the actions required by businesses and the likely impacts, and learn from WRAP's guidance, tools, and resources being developed to support businesses in implementing or improving workplace recycling in England and Northern Ireland.

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7th September 2023

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