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The passing down of information and anecdotes from parents, grandparents or the elders of the family or village is a wonderful tradition long observed all over the world, and while I can imagine that over repeated ‘tellings’, stories can change a little, generally the gist will remain true to the original. I like to think that the same goes for stories concerning this industry but I have to admit a glaring error… it’s in an item we carried on 13th July and I should have picked it up when I read the press release, rather than repeating it and exacerbating things by adding further ‘facts’ that were skewed as a result. It concerns a statement that incoming chair of The British Cleaning Council, the multi-award winning Delia Cannings, (congratulations Delia!) is only the second woman to have held the role. I added that the first had been Judith West, from 2005 - 2007. It took an email from an old industry friend who handled the PR for The British Cleaning Council for 19 years along with that of the National Carpet Cleaners Association amongst other important roles, to point out the original error, which has been repeated by other publications. 
Said the wonderful Jay Gremby: “Has everyone forgotten Hazel Woodbridge, the first chairlady of the BCC in 1992 to 1994?” Jay appears to be right in that respect, since I got to know Hazel in that role when I first joined the industry in 1992 and should not have forgotten her important work. As I said to Jay: “That's what happens when the young things take over the world. They don't know the history!” So, the record’s now put straight, and apology, from someone who now realises she’s an industry ‘elder’ who needs to try harder, hopefully accepted! 
Last week I discussed outsourcing issues in hospitals and although people have asked the contractors’ names, let me just say that I hope everyone checks their catering arm to see if improvements should be made. I showed my Leader to a midwife who threw up her arms in despair, saying that thanks to the poor food all these under-nourished mothers were struggling to feed their babies. She indicated that concerns had been raised with management but nothing had changed and my daughter admitted that because those serving the food were so lovely, no patient wanted to offend them by refusing the food and would secretly bin it. I feel it’s time to stop just leaving reviews on Internet platforms and start emailing those at the top, if we really want to make a difference. More to follow on this one…


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Jan Hobbs

10th August 2023

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