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GumBusters' achievements reach lofty heights!

* Gumbusters-top-1.jpgWhile visitors to the Observatories on the 86th floor of Empire State Building in New York City are unlikely to be looking down at their feet, (unless perhaps they're suffering from vertigo?), it is still crucial that everything is kept clean and hygienic for the 20,000 daily visitors to this iconic viewing platform.

OspreyDeepclean's GumBusters machines are ideal to tackle this type of situation, since as well as being highly efficient, they're compact and easy-to-manoeuvre too.

"If GumBusters can handle this type of traffic, they can handle anything!" says Thomas Stuecken, OspreyDeepclean's chairman. "From gum, through graffiti to guano - they remove practically any soilings from nearly all surfaces.

"Currently, there is no commercially available substitute or comparable competitive product with the same performance characteristics. No other product can meet the demanding needs of removing gum with the method and speed of our gum removal system."

* Gumbusters-top-2.jpgUsing a maximum of six litres of water for every four-hour period in action, the machines help users meet sustainability goals and are even listed on the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs' approved Water Technology List. They work by releasing a specially formulated proprietary non-toxic solution called Gumfighter, which almost instantly biodegrades the gum in an environmentally way - leaving no residue.

"Our patented system removes gum from virtually any surface - indoors or out - safely and efficiently," adds Thomas. "The results are instant!

"The gum is removed without disrupting normal business operations and eliminates those unsightly black spots from pavements and pathways instantly.

"As a building owner or facilities manager, protecting and maintaining your building's value is a top priority and as a building services contractor you need to prove that the service and results you provide are better than anyone else's. You'll never get a second chance at a first impression, so curb appeal is a major factor.

"Unsightly black spots and stains on your pathways and entrances can tarnish an otherwise pristine appearance. A fortune is spent on decorating and maintaining your lobby and other public areas... Why not extend that care and level of elegance around the approach to your building? The results are amazing!

"GumBusters technology offers products which will clean and polish your 'curb appeal' to impress your owners, visitors, neighbours and potential buyers and renters."

OspreyDeepclean's world renowned gum removal equipment can also be used to clean tile and grout and it can remove fly poster stickers with ease. Other uses include cleaning, disinfecting, sanitising and deodorising virtually any surface - such as in washrooms - and the equpment does a great job on aluminium and stainless steel too.

Safe to use both indoors and out to clean walls and floors along with carpets, street art, street furniture, entryways, station platforms, bus shelters and washrooms, the machines are very versatile - at any level!


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13th July 2023

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