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Hydro announces release of new AccuMini dispenser

* Hydro-AccuMini.jpgHydro, the chemical dispensing and dosing solutions specialist for facility cleaning, janitorial/sanitation, laundry, kitchen, animal health, vehicle wash, horticulture, laundromat and industrial markets, has launched its new AccuMini dispenser.

Available in low-flow (LF) and high-flow (HF) models, the AccuMini’s is designed to meet the needs of space-conscious facility owners and those who favour eco-friendly products.

Building off the design and multi-market success of Hydro's highly regarded AccuMax dispenser, the AccuMini offers similar operational benefits but in a smaller size. At only 4.3in. wide by 8in. long, it is among the smallest dispensers currently on the market. An optional plug add-on narrows it to 3.9" wide, making it noticeably slim. The size reduction makes it ideal for use in a wide range of applications and reduces its environmental footprint, given the 46% less material required for production.

Additionally, the AccuMini allows the use of Hydro's new Swivel AirGap eductor, which employs a 1in. gap of air between the water source and the chemical inlet to provide American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) 1055B-approved backflow protection without the need for additional hardware. The Swivel AirGap's construction is made more environmentally sustainable by requiring up to 42% less construction material with up to 40% reduced space.

Powered by Hydro's patented AccuPro pressure regulation technology, the AccuMini delivers accuracy of up to 95% dilution control in both high- and low-water-pressure applications. The standard E-Gap eductor also provides backflow protection via the presence of an ASSE 1055B-approved elastomeric sleeve.

The AccuMini also offers the following operational benefits:

* Ability to daisy chain multiple units together with no required additional tools or accessories. This saves installation time and space and enables expansion of the number of chemistries that can be used as they are needed.
* A one-touch button lock that is more ergonomic and intuitive to operate than the buttons found on competitive models.
* Use of O-ring seals, which allow water-inlet swaps with leak-free seal-tight performance.
* A simple three component design - cover, button and water-valve manifold - all of which can be removed without tools.
* Screw-free design for easy assembly, disassembly and maintenance.
* Two flow-rate configurations: 1 gallon per minute (GPM) and 3.5 GPM.
* Standard blue button with black, green, grey and red options and customized labels.


1st June 2023

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