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Highest-ranked steak restaurant in Europe and North America, partners with ABS to deliver world-class customer experience

* Hawksmoor.jpgHawksmoor is ranked in the 'World's Best Steak Restaurants' list (number two globally and the highest- ranked restaurant in Europe and North America). Never satisfied with sitting on its laurels, it has partnered with Advanced Bacterial Sciences' (ABS) revolutionary bacterial waste management treatment, URIZAP, to improve the washroom experience.

URIZAP is a highly effective, non-hazardous, powder-based treatment suitable for flushing and waterless urinals. A single 25g scoop of this world-first product contains billions of beneficial bacteria that digest and prevent the build-up of uric acid scale, eliminating odours naturally.

Some traditional cleaning products just deal with surface stains - often masking odours. Uric acid is difficult to remove and builds up throughout the pipework, leading to clogged pipes and out-of-order urinals. This is costly and time-consuming to repair. URIZAP is a cheaper and more sustainable alternative, and regular use reduces the need for repair and maintenance, maximising infrastructure longevity.

"We are proud to partner with Hawksmoor, a company as dedicated to supporting the natural environment as we are,” says Gareth Hughes, chairman, CEO & Co-Founder of ABS.

“ABS provides cost-effective, ethical solutions that remove waste and maintain water quality. Many cleaning chemicals negatively impact the water supply and affect the entire ecosystem within our waterways. We must dispose of waste thoughtfully, and URIZAP is one way we can achieve this."

Hawksmoor is widely considered one of the most admired companies in the restaurant industry, with award-winning restaurants in the UK, New York and soon Dublin. It became the first UK restaurant group to gain B Corp certification, joining a global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. Hawksmoor has just published the company's first annual impact report, and in working with ABS, is furthering its commitment to sustainability and enhancing the customer experience.

Patrick Urey, Hawksmoor head of operations, says of the partnership:

"Our obsession with quality and ethics has always driven us to work with individuals and companies who share our beliefs. URIZAP reduces the need for harsh chemicals, is easy to administer, removes odours and costly repair services. We look forward to working with ABS in the future."

URIZAP is being rolled out across all Hawksmoor restaurants within the UK.

ABS provides solutions for a wide range of problems. These next-generation bacterial treatments for waste and water management, pollution remediation and agriculture boost efficiency, cut maintenance and running costs and regenerate natural systems.

https://abs.eco | https://thehawksmoor.com

4th May 2023

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