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Idrobase’s new Tempesta trolley helps reduce chemical use

* Idrobase-Tempesta.jpgIdrobase Group’s new Tempesta trolley is an innovative solution in the field of pressure washing machinery, so much so that it has been nominated for the next ‘Product of the Year’ Award at the ISSA Piatti show.

“The most obvious novelty is the action, through a nebuliser device with pneumatic pump, which eliminates the need to connect the machine to electricity,” explains Bruno Ferrarese, co-president of Idrobase Group. “This means that the machine can be safely and easily used in humid environments and even outdoors.

“The second novelty - surprising in its simplicity - is the use of concentrated detergent in single doses of 50 grams, each sufficient to produce 20-litres of washing solution. This reduces the use and disposal of plastic tanks, but above all predetermines the most efficient mix, eliminating the ‘small chemicals’ of washing with obvious benefits for the environment and the reduction of pollution: just dissolve the single-dose in water, mixing and using the pressure of the pneumatic pump.

“The third novelty is the Tempesta trolley’s easily foldable structure, which can reduce the overall dimensions by 70% with advantages in terms of transport and warehouse costs.

"This new development enables us to position ourselves on world markets with an eco-friendly solution, intended above all for washing cars, articulated lorries, agricultural and work vehicles.

Idrobase Group is present in the car washing sector also, through the Carwashitalia.net business network, which promotes ‘Made in Italy’ in a sector with great potential - especially in China and emerging countries."

Pollution can also be fought with basic interventions, capable of responding to hitherto unmet market needs: a novelty in the field of "washing" now comes from Italy.


13th April 2023

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