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Scrubber dryers can be expensive...

* Scrubber-dryers-expensive.jpgThis article by Wessex Cleaning Equipment & Janitorial Supplies is for those who are interested in learning about the benefits of upgrading the cleaning operation by replacing mops and buckets with scrubber dryers.

It discusses why you should consider a scrubber dryer over more traditional cleaning methods and explores the benefits of scrubber dryers, such as their efficiency, effectiveness and the time and cost savings they can offer compared to a mop and bucket.

When we think of cleaning, our mind usually points to traditional cleaning practices, such as mops, buckets and similar products. However, how effective is this compared to new cleaning approaches, such as scrubber dryer machines?

It is important to understand the benefits of using modern cleaning equipment. By using a scrubber dryer, you and your company can acquire a higher level of cleanliness in less time and with less effort, giving you a better overall cleaning experience.

Effectively, the scrubber dryer, or floor scrubber, functions by using rotating brushes on the floor surface and replicating the use of the action of a scrubbing brush with the incorporation of a cleaning solution that helps to loosen dirt from the floor's surface. This loosened dirt is collected using squeegees or vacuum technology, leaving the floor clean and dry.

There are many reasons why cleaning companies have been making the switch to scrubber dryer machines, for example:

- Time-saving - Operating scrubber dryer machines, compared to manual mopping, saves a lot of time for your cleaners. With traditional mopping, you will need to dry it yourself after you have mopped, however with a scrubber dryer, you will not have to do both. With a scrubber dryer, you will also be able to clean more surface area than you would with a mop. One Stop Cleaning tested this and found out that using a mop would take 41 minutes, compared to a scrubber dryer which only took less than five minutes.
- Cost saving - Although the upfront cost of purchasing a scrubber dryer can be expensive, these machines can be cost-effective, meaning they can save you money in labour costs. This investment will save you further costs. Plus, hiring instead of purchasing one completely, can reduce costs.
- Hygiene - Using a traditional mop to clean the floor can spread dirt and germs around. When you dip the mop in the water bucket, you're essentially just reapplying the dirty water back onto the floor. So, even though the floor may look clean, it might not be as hygienic as you'd like.
- Safety - The Health & Safety Executive reports that slips and trips are the most common cause of injuries at work; a scrubber dryer can reduce this risk by drying the surface straight away, making it safer and reducing the risk of people slipping over and injuring themselves.
- Efficiency - One of the biggest benefits of using scrubber dryers is how efficient they are compared to other methods of cleaning. This means they are more productive, and you will be able to get more jobs done. Scrubber dryers have a significantly greater solution capacity compared to a walk-behind cleaner or a bucket, meaning cleaning staff will not need to repeatedly stop to refill.

There are hundreds of scrubber dryers that differ in size and practicality. From compact, ride-on, walk-behind, upright scrubber dryers and eco-friendly machines.

As an established organisation that both sells and hires out these types of machines along with many others, we're happy to discuss what machine/s best suits your needs along with whether, in your situation, it's better to buy or to hire. We can also provide comprehensive training in their use. Just let us know what we can do to help and we'll happily oblige.


13th April 2023

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