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Ourfresh-e from P-Wave enhances every venue

* ourfresh-e-P-Wave.jpgFragrance and air-freshening specialist P-Wave has launched ourfresh-e, a new professional 30-day plug-in air freshener for larger spaces.

"Ourfresh-e delivers premium pleasant fragrances which enhance the ambience of any venue, helping to reassure consumers that premises are clean, fresh, hygienic and safe," says P-Wave sales and marketing manager Mark Wintle.

"A pleasant fragrance can be powerfully emotive, setting the mood, and creating a memorable experience. Ourfresh-e's range of high-quality premium fragrances - such as Coconut & Vanilla, Summer Sunshine, and Cotton Blossom deliver the perfect scent for each different location.

"While the washroom may be the cause of the worst odours in a building, improving the air quality and freshness throughout the premises is essential. That's why this is a perfect time to be launching ourfresh-e.

"If you're tired of putting up with metered aerosol's clouds of wet, sticky solvents and propellants, then ourfresh-e offers a modern solution to metered aerosol air freshening for larger spaces."

Ourfresh-e is a powered 30-day air-freshening solution for larger spaces and contains thee - five times more fragrance than supermarket purchased plug-ins. Easy to use and install, the rotating plug works in any 3-prong outlet. The intensity button allows you to select the right setting, and there are no screws or tapes needed to install. Easy to refill, ourfresh-e offers superior 30-day performance with consistent fragrance release from day one to day 30. The high-speed fan improves air quality by drawing air through the charcoal filter, helping to clean the air for a better experience.

"As innovators in the industry, we understand that cleanliness and hygiene are the most important aspects of managing premises, while sustainability is also rapidly rising up the agenda,” adds Mark. “The refills for ourfresh-e are 100% recyclable, so are much kinder to the environment than aerosol-based products - and have very low VOC's, contain no propellants or solvents, just fragrance. No batteries are required, and the environmentally friendly refills contain the EcoPure additive for faster biodegradation, should they not be recycled.

"We are working towards all of our products being 100% recyclable, and the EcoPure additive to accelerate biodegradation is being added to additional products in our range. With years of experience and a consultative approach, we can make recommendations on how best to maintain great smelling premises."

https://youtu.be/hri9O8A-gOw | https://p-wave.co.uk

9th March 2023

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