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Managing customer expectations - how we can learn business lessons even from a trip to the Everglades!

* Everglades.jpgMatt Wonnacott, founder of Ennovamark, writes…

"Managing customer expectations - it is a classic and key feature in building trust and loyalty between the client and a vendor. In my previous role, I made sure this was at the forefront of my relations with customers.

I now have the same view with my Ennovamark business, too. Ensuring customer expectations are not only met, but exceeded where possible, is a key focus of my business. Impressions are everything, so I would like my customers to expect the best, because I give them the best.

It may seem simple but customer expectations are typically a set of actions that individuals anticipate to receive when interacting with a company or supplier. In past decades, customers would have expected the very basics like high quality customer service.

Today's customer however, can have a much higher expectation from a company or supplier. These can include proactiveness, personal interactions, or connected experiences across various digital channels. Customers need and want swift responses from companies they choose to do business with. Customer need and want to be told at the earliest about anything that could affect their order. Customers deserve it, too.

Ever loving the Everglades

Now, I was recently fortunate enough to take in the Everglades via an Airboat tour, down in South Florida. Granted, it is an unusual place to use as an example of managing customer expectations(!) and I myself wouldn't connect the two normally, but a valuable lesson was learned, nonetheless. I was also grateful I wasn't an alligator's next lunch.

The trip had been booked in the hope of seeing alligators. I have spent a lot of time in Florida over the years and actually had never been to The Everglades, so this was something I've always wanted to do. When we arrived at the water, The Airboat guide was quick to greet us and 'warn' the group there was only a "slim" chance of seeing a 'gator' because of many factors, such as time of the year, one had already been seen that morning and the obvious heat.

He prepared the group well and was very knowledgeable. 2+ hours later, with still no sign of any wildlife whatsoever (let alone an alligator), and $500+ later, one would be forgiven for maybe feeling slightly 'hard done by'. No sooner were we heading back to the jetty, when up popped two alligators and a great blue heron was seen far in the distance.

Seeing 'just' a couple of 'gators’ and a large bird may seem slim pickings and not exactly value for money for some, but EVERYONE in the group I went with would do it and pay all over again.

We loved it. We didn't have to see the alligator to know we were having a good time. The weather was great and the boat ride was unique. We left wanting to do it all over again and gave the guide, Wayne, a healthy tip (gratuity).

Lesson learned and why? Most definitely. We were not promised to see every animal or creature known to mankind, we were managed well and guided through the Everglades expertly. It's not always about WHAT you get. It's about HOW the experience, product or service is provided and how you're made to feel.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all."

Ennovamark is a new agency created to help aircare, hygiene and washroom technology brands and businesses develop effective innovations and marketing strategies. With two decades of experience in the industry, Matt, through Ennovamark, can support clients with outstanding product ideas and truly innovative ideas - both for branding and products.

E: [email protected]

W: https://ennovamark.com/

15th December 2022

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